You are here - Tonight, Diane and I Dine on a Fine Hudson Seal for Supper.

Tonight, Diane and I Dine on a Fine Hudson Seal for Supper.

February 23rd, 2016 
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Tonight, Diane and I Dine on a Fine Hudson Seal for Supper. She loves me... Really... Because I’m Hunter/Gatherer who stalks prey, like muskrats, to feed his family and super hot chicks dig that.
If you clowns ever want to get a hot chick I suggest you start out with a slow clumsy animal like a possum and work up. Good Luck...   

MANY that’s for the support... It means a lot to us...


AT3 avatar
AT3 said....  

Senior ........... Very entertaining. Reminds me of me and a couple buddies catch'n bat rays in San Diego bay off of North Island. We cut the wings off and pulled the skin off but, it was fucking Harrable. Think the key is to marinade.

Dr PennsylVapia avatar
Dr PennsylVapia said....  

I was laughing until I had tears in my damn eyes! Every time Don pronounced what ever the name of the animal was, the jack & coke's really had twisted him up enough to stumble ever so slightly but progressively more so each time. Don I could just follow you around all day and not only be a better man but one that laughed a lot more than I do now. You are my favorite SEAL!!

3ID Dogface avatar
3ID Dogface said....  

I absolutely love the use of Jack and Coke in your recipe! I think I'll try this out tonight when I whip up some of my famous west Michigan mud duck! Great techinique there!!

G 2/3 avatar
G 2/3 said....  

check out the new vid and get ready for sensory overload!!

Johnny Neutrino  avatar
Johnny Neutrino said....  

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