Whoa said....  

I didn't know until just now that he was gone. AMF

AlexQuaesar said....  

He probably tried to crash his plane just so he could say you sabotaged it and backfired.

$hit River Sailor said....  

Yeah, I listened to the ATC transcripts.

My first instinct was to think he was having a diabetic issue with the confusion or something.'s just apparent he was an idiot. Being a member of the EAA I'm familiar with the Vans RV. Although an experimental "Kit" plane...he was still required to hold a sport license(due to the weight) however there's really nothing saying that he had the training or even kept current with the perishable skill of airmanship.  He only needed a "Sport" aviation certification which is much less training than even a private pilot receives.  The ATC transcripts shows someone who's obviously pre-occupied with something else as he can't even conduct basic readbacks and doesn't seem to understand basic IFR/VFR rules and altitudes.

There's really no one from the FAA checking for physical licenses at airports unless they're doing random spot checks but from small executive or regionals the pilots have the keys to the hangars so he could just get in and go.

I don't get it....why people do what they do.

Diane/Don...the reason you feel the way you feel is because YOU are obviously compassionate and well...decently human. I've only been "here" for a short while but I have a good sense of the salt of the earth you two seem to are many posters here. I think many would agree that it's just a tragedy in every sense of the word.

You've got one more sailor pulling for you both.

Take care all...


SUPER G said....  

Good Folks, Live in peace, the world is a better place now.

BradyBoy87 said....  

Hey Don we call that a Mexican bloody Mary as for Bernath I have nothing to say. I have no respect for him but I do have respect for the dead. I just hope his daughters find piece. Diane we love ya. A year from now he will be lucky to be more then a fleeting thought in your mind. Time will be the thing that brings you piece. You haven't lived without constant worry for 4 yes and it's not going to change over night.