Hogan said....  

You dont have to worry, i think most of the folks here recognize bullshit when they see it. No worries. Smile, makes the creeps wonder what yur upto.

CrocodileDunny said....  

Ive being a member on and off for a couple of years under different email addresses and I pay to see Don and Diane because their stories and experiences interest me. I could give a shit about my fellow subscribers and their opinions. If I did, I would sign up to their websites. Keep doing what you guys do best.

SteveG said....  

Im behind you 100! This is your site and you should feel free to remove any comments you feel are inappropriate period. Too bad if the poster got their feelings hurt. Instead of crying like a baby maybe they should email or call you and get it straightened out. There are people in This world that you will never be able to get through too. There are way to many crybabies and liars in this world who just need to get a life and grow up

Sarge said....  

This is a great site and you two do so much for all of us on here and not just our wounded veterans, when I was in the hospital last year having part of my leg removed I binge watched all of the videos when I would get down and you guys all ways made me smile and made me feel better.
I am a subscriber for life and one day I would love to meet you both and shake your hands and say thank you in person for all that you do


kiwisupportsseals said....  

This Bernath guy is such scumbag!! He complained about you guy's bullying these so-called veterans. What a prick!! I have nothing but respect for US Navy SEALs. They're like our SAS (I'm from New Zealand). I think it's so sad that people impersonate such elite warriors.