Hogan said....  

This is what I have come to admire you folks for. Bringing those young vets, opening your home to them, feeding them, huntin with them. I dont give two shits if i never see another phony seal. Those fuckers are like coyotes, the more you kill the more you have. I cant tell you how much i respect whTyou do for young vets.

CVN65 FC Vet said....  

Thank you Diane, for being one of those that recognizes the blatant disrespect by those who use their notoriety to display their displeasure of a country that affords them the right to live their lives under a blanket of freedom, which the sacrifices of the military have made possible. To spit on the symbol of your right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness... to bite the hand that feeds you... to take a knee during our national anthem & cry "Life is Supposed to be Fair!"... to slap the faces of EVERY service member, veteran, & fallen soldier... pissing & moaning about your UNEARNED rights, that you'll NEVER have the guts to defend...

I love football. Always have. Always will. When I found out that these players & coaches were actively dissing our folks in uniform, I WAS LIVID. However... I have no problem with a disgruntled citizen, nor why they feel the way they do. But, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... PITCH YOUR BITCH ON YOUR OWN TIME. The ONLY reason you're on TV is because there is a game to be played. That air time is NOT for your personal agenda. Don't behave like a 15-year-old brat, IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD!

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Bullshitter said....  

Happy to hear youre feeling better Diane

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