Ding Ole Dangus said....  

That young marine is my fucking hero. Don't disrespect the flag, shouldn't have to explain why.

Motorcity Madman said....  

Come on mtf .

Mykemyk said....  

How did you find that guys name? lol

Levi Taylor said....  

And one more thing Don. God bless you, your family, and what you all have gone through while in service and outside of service. You make the world a better place. I couldnt begin to imagine making it through any Buds training, or the life that comes after that training as a SEAL. I have a lot of heart but that shit is on a whole different level of dedication and determination. Much respect for what you men do for us behind closed doors, and behind that amazing flag that you men respresent in the highest level of pristine condition. God bless your family and their service. You are truly the model American that we love to be represented by as veterans and citizens of the United States

Levi Taylor said....  

I had seen this video of the confrontation awhile back and it made my fuckin blood boil.. I didnt notice that cock sucker wearing that hat the first time I saw it so it's good to see this fucker got what was coming to him. Still pisses me off everytime I see that video. Just absolutely disgraceful. Ide love to catch that son of a bitch flying that flag upside down... this one really fucked with me. That shit is disgusting and it makes my stomach churn