Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. My Fellow Americans, David John Thistle.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. My Fellow Americans, David John Thistle. Many Thanks for the SUPPORT...


BobbyB exWO RAN

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Howdy Y'All (more American speak - I'm learning)

Quick question for the political savvy in the US of A

If a candidate nominates, and runs on a ticket for the presidency, then receives votes (or perhaps even several step prior to actually getting a ticket nomination) but anyway, receives votes .... somehow, do they get paid by an electoral commision type arrangement (A Govt body using tax payers money) for votes received?

Just trying to work out the angle with Samurai Buoy. A play on words there - sorry - we in the English speaking world pronounce buoy as boy, not 'booee' but it is a rather fitting shape for the podgy salad dodging double duffer (duff is a navy term for desserts), as these fuckers always have an angle and that could be one possible angle. Wouldn't that also mean he is profiteering from a deception, and your Stolen Valor Act kicks right in....

Enough from me - got to go and throw more meat bombs out of my plane, sicko's, but it makes for a great Sunday afternoons entertainment.


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If you guys had enough of the valor bandits for a minute, here's a link for one of my great-grandfather's childhood friends and serving mates.
He laid down his life and arms 75 years ago, in a few more days, and posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his actions and heroism. As well, he has become the namesake of the USS Cole.
Semper Fi and rest easy, good fellow.

Harold Hecuba

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Anyone with 2600 $ and brain damage can get on the ballot in certain states.I hear Brockbraider is running in Nevada



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Not sure what I find more hilarious. Is it the display of lego toys behind Presidential Candidate Thistle and he goes on about duct tape and M&Ms? Or perhaps "Lieutenant" Edwards telling us how he "knows how to take care of stuff like that."
What a bunch of clowns.