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Over Confident...

July 09th, 2016 
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Over Confident... BIG stuff headed your WAY!!!! Many thanks for the Support...


Jeff avatar
Jeff said....  

I'm sitting on a cooler ,using a dog bed for a mattress .and I can relate! dang funny how we are in the same situation!

Dr PennsylVapia avatar
Dr PennsylVapia said....  

I love Don, the site, all of my fellow members, Dianne, the dogs, All of it....but I have to say this video is confusing as hell lol. I am happy that D&D are finally getting to go Maryland.

knifeguy avatar
knifeguy said....  

Fuck You!! Get back to work. My happy lover bunny says I HATE YOU SO BAD! Happy lover bunny? Disregard !

Secret Squirrel  avatar
Secret Squirrel said....  

Can somebody explain to me what is going on? This morning, 7/12, I awake to cancelled acct emails from paypal, saying my ese autopay was canceled. And my last $10 payment was refunded. Then I watch this video and he's talking about rotten apples and getting rid of some of them. Ive sent Senior and MC emails, spoken with them at times, did I do something wrong? Whats going on? My sons want to be seals, so ive very respectfully asked some questions, nothing offensive or rude, just simple stuff. Very strange.

SiteAdmin avatar 07/12/2016

SiteAdmin replied....

SS - Everything is fine..
You had overpaid because you originally signed up twice on PayPal.  So for a few months you have had 2 recurring payments coming out.
We spotted this, and one of the recurring payments was cancelled, and the over payments were refunded.
BTW - If anyone reading this has an issue with something, please use the 'Help!' link at the top of the page to ask questions.  Please do not just talk about it in comments.  The other members won't understand what is going on, can't help in cases like this, and comments are not monitored all the time like emails are.

bridgechief avatar 07/12/2016

bridgechief replied....

SiteAdmin you guys rock, thank for helping out one of our brothers...

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Secret Squirrel  avatar 07/13/2016

Secret Squirrel replied....

And sorry guys, i posted that hoping admin would hear my plea, did not mean it at all to be disrespectful or rude, just love Senior and ESE, feels like a big family on here and nobody wants to be disinvited from the thanks admin, ese, everybody who helped, and now...i gotta erase that comment

JackAbn82 avatar
JackAbn82 said....  

I'm confused.

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