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New Phony Old Phony. Its been a weird day.

June 23rd, 2016 
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New Phony, Old Phony. It’s been a weird day. Many thanks for the SUPPORT.


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SquatchTrucker said....  

I realize these jackass bastards don't have a chance. However, there happens to be Ann idiot recording a "how to" on faking military service.

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ShotInTheDark71 said....  

I will never forget the first time I saw Don Shipley it was at least 4 or 5 yrs ago now. I thought man that guy has the most crazy hair I have ever seen. Then I start reading comments and people claimed he wore a wig an d I actually argued with a good friend of mine that theres NO WAY a guy outing phony SEALs would wear phony hair it makes no sense. I always refer to Judge Andrew P. Napolitano when comparing hair. Don and his hair are similar in his hairline comes down the middle of his forehead and I think Dons hair grows a foot a month... Anyway its been such a great time watching all Dons videos I hope we have many more to watch together this is fucking awesome !!! Wish I could borrow a patch of Dons hair !!!!!  I hear MIT wants Dons hair for a scientific study after he leaves the earth....

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Rooster said....  

A good one.....
A panda walks into a bar and gobbles some beer nuts. Then he pulls out a gun, fires it in the air, and heads for the door. “Hey!” shouts the bartender, but the panda yells back, “I’m a panda. Google me!” Sure enough, panda: “A tree-climbing mammal with distinct black-and-white coloring. Eats shoots and leaves.”

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Cigar  avatar 06/25/2016

Cigar replied....

"Down in Front"....

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Cigar said....  

Gooses Hunting did you say Goose Hunting.. We had a few bad years.. For the guys that don't know you get years that are great, not so great, horrible.. You can suffer from all degrees of migration, stalled, fly over and perfect.. Think of it like this, the earth is round and once the winter sets it the birds stay just ahead of the freeze line .. If they have open water and food they are not moving..But if you have the gods on your side WOW !! That is why I live.. Here is a pic of a club that I was a member for 6/8 or so years.. This is one of our Mega Decoy spread.. All the members rigged out.. I this picture you are see about a 1/4th of what we put on the ground...

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