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Never go to court on a Monday

July 11th, 2016 
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Never Ever Go to Court on a Monday but if you do win


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TheOsprey said....  

That is a dramatic oversimplification of the realities of "law enforcement agents." Also, if they "get scared" they don't need to be police and they may not even need to have firearms if that's the case. More likely than them being "scared" is that they enjoy imposing themselves on others. The majority of cops really are good guys, much more so than the average dipshit you see on a daily basis. However, there are plenty of rotten apples out there and they do as they please with impunity. They literally see the credibility built up by good cops and venture to spend as much of it as possible. Too many cops see their badges and guns as ways to "get respect" because they've never earned any. They are the lowest level politicians and many of them willfully play that angle to advance at the general public's expense. Most of what they do is immoral and illegal but there are more of them than there are of you and your family and friends. The rules of the jungle ALWAYS apply no matter how much you would like to think that the law will save your ass even when the cops or other government entities are your foe.

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greenconverse replied....

Thank you for saying that the majority are good! My brother and brother-in-law are both police officers (one used to be MP), and they are two of the best people I know. They would absolutely hate to have to draw their weapon, and I can't imagine either of them ever hurting anyone or anything. They don't even like giving speeding tickets. In fact, they look for reasons not to. The person is respectful? No ticket.

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Bernath has a new video up as of 3 PM today, and he is getting right around 8 hits of his video per hour, likely 2 for himself, one for Dallas, 2-3 people who have "been keeping an eye on his antics" and then the Google bots hitting a couple of times. I works out to be that he has about 9 people viewing his video venom each day. If he is really luck me might get 40 combined hits in any given month, after all of his self-visits, and the view by Dallas are subtracted.

One of the measures on YouTube is the number of unique IP addresses that are involved is establishing the video and then each and every view. It is always interesting when the IP address that created the video, is responsible for 90% of all views of the video.

There is a mechanism with YouTube that gives up extensive statistics of the account set up, and then extensive statistics of every upload, every comment, and every update. This is especially import with Benrath as you can see if long in under one ID, upload a video, log out, then log in from the same IP, comment on his own video, log out, comment, jump to a different account, post more comments, and so on repeatedly.

Also, Google never deletes anything, ever. Some of us know how to located every single change in anything that Google slurps up with its Google Bot. This includes the initial appearances of the initial Bernath photoshopped portraits, which include the hidden side of Google, as they never delete anything.

Facebook is also enlightening as Facebook never deletes anything, they just archive it.

With all three companies, there is an extended back end, and this back end really, really is revealing about Mr. Bernaths years of escalating antics. It looks like Seavey royally ripped Bernath apart in court, and most recently Shipley ripped Bernath apart.

The ultimate loser is all of Bernath's antics, is Bernath himself as he is being ostracized by his own behavior, and destroying all forms of positive image, and he is not merely creating an extremely bad, very negative image of himself, when the fellow eventually dies, he will be remembered as an extremely dishonorable person, and people will line up to (figuratively and collectively) pee on his grave.

Bernath needs to worry less about coconuts, and worry more about where he can go to die in peace.

It is not like a veteran to act like Bernath is acting unless they have a really, really shitty service record that they are trying to hide. It would be quite easy to cover up a shitty service record, as in that period the service record was hand carried from assignment to assignment, and it would have been quite easy for him to remove derogatory information from the record when it was in his custody and control, and this sort of mischief was somewhat commonplace. One of the suggestions that this took place is that Bernath did not have any form of remarkable service, had a very poor education, minimal chances for advancement, and he appears to have joined the Navy to escape abject poverty. It looks like there was a ship to ship transfer in his record, happening a short time before discharge, which would have made is record available to "adjustment" during the transfer. Veterans simply do not behave as he has behaved unless there is some seriously bad things in his service that he is trying to hide and compensate for.

His antics are actually pretty pitiful, and he has turned himself into a laughing stock with his endless threats and gyrations, that do nothing by make his look even more dishonorable. I would postulate that he got a Captains Mast during his first service assignment, likely due to compulsive sexual misconduct. But, Bernath has attracted attention of a negative variety, and his present conduct (at the terminal end of his career) bring his early career conduct into suspicion.

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Wolfeyez replied....

His account got deleted, again:

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doesyourdogbite said....  

Mrs. Shipley hit the nail on the head. "The crowd I associate with." It makes one ask the question, "what crowd do you associate with?" Like our parents said, and I also say to young people, "choose your friends wisely." Sadly, the leftists' target #1 is the crowd that's respectful, traditional, yes sir, yes ma'am, middle America, salt-of-the-earth. For some weird reason, that's just not acceptable these days. Can you say collective insanity? Can people not observe cause and effect any longer?

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bridgechief said....  

There are Navy jobs other than working on ships, Aircraft and Submarines although not super high speed, they are not slow speed either and above medium speed and can be dangerous and yes Divers belong to this group of Navy Expeditionary war-fighters.

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bridgechief replied....

Should be noted that MA2 Patricio Zamarripa, one of the Dallas Police officers who was killed Friday Night, was a NECC Reserve sailor and served in 3 NECC units two mobile security teams and a Cargo Handling/Customs Battalion and did 3 tours in iRAQ. Please rest in peace young sailor and warrior...

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