Krump said....  

:D If it was possible(imagine) you will be back in Navy... You should try be an officer with all this knowledge/experience.

ljb636 said....  

Might I suggest buying a decent sized larger dog crate (cat crate is too small and never really worked for us) and start putting her food inside of that at the front for her to eat out of the first day. Also, put down puppy pee pads (this will be a good thing when she travels and it's unlikely you'll be able to put the pee pads in there once the cat is in there). Second and subsequent days put food a little further back in crate, each day working the food further to the back of the crate. Do not overfeed. You want her a little hungry to for sure get her in there on the last day. On the day you're ready to head out, assuming that has gotten her assimilated to the crate enough to get inside, close and latch dog crate door. When loading her and the crate in the vehicle to head out, I'd suggest putting heavy duty trash bags underneath crate and around three sides, in case it is a male so when it pees during the trip and sprays, the urine won't make contact with the vehicle, and the smell won't be as likely to run you out of the vehicle. Also, when you get her up to the new place, don't open the crate unless it's inside a closed structure and have food and water at the ready. Once she calms down and eats, walk around with her outside, and keep food outside near the barn or the house. That should help assimilate her better to the new place. And if all else fails and she won't eat inside the cage but will at least come inside your house, have the dog crate at the ready, and throw her in it that last day. Since she'll be inside your house, there shouldn't be really anywhere she can hide that you can't get ahold of her. Oh, and wear long sleeves and praying never hurt anybody LOL. Good luck!

TheOsprey said....  

Well, the rumor's true. Hillary has balls under those pant suits. I say you should put out a live trap if nothing else.

Devil dog said....  

Don,I think you owe us an explanation on where Sully and Robbie went.don't need details? That's your business but please tell us something. Good luck with the final course go out with a bang bro.


Christopher said....  

??? WTF Happened to Sully and Robbie?? Please fill us in