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Memorial Day Road Trip

May 30th, 2016 
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Diane and Don hit the road after a shitty night


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Gasserglass said....  

SMART MOVE Keeping Virginia Your Primary Residence! ***** As A Maryland Resident, I Understand Completely!

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dabber said....  

Im new hear and im just checking to see if i well be read just now che king it out

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Hodsgo said....  

Can someone tell me how to change my e mail address on this site, I recently changed my e mail provider and am not getting any updates. I went through the process of clicking on the support tab and changing my e mail address, all I get is a message that says it doesn't recognize my new e mail address, I live in Canada so not sure if that's the problem, thanks anyone who can help - Gordon

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CMB replied....

Send yourself a email...if thats good...if using paypal to pay, did you update your paypal email address? Contact site administrator if problem still occurs.

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Edso, JimmyTwoTimes
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JimmyTwoTimes replied....

Terry, the site admin, will step you through any computer related problems. contact him through private message. a good man and a Brit. we won't hold that against him. we love our brothers across the pond.

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Lazarus said....  

Where is this Crossbow Phony SEAL of the Weak??? I'm dying for a fix over here!!! Have a wonderful week family!!! Only 4 work days, accomplish a goal! Stay awesome!! Make good decisions and choices! Keep smiling- Laz

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redman replied....

the ever vigilant Laz, sound advice and an upbeat word for all,

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JimmyTwoTimes, bridgechief, Edso, Lazarus
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JimmyTwoTimes replied....

the tough Marine in you will help you deal with the tough decision either way you go.

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redman, Lazarus
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PARANAH replied....

Yea I know, I need at least one a week. Starting to feel like Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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JimmyTwoTimes, Lazarus
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Teufel Hunden replied....

Should be anytime, I know he was finishing up the editing this week during the shooting course.

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phony hater replied....

TH welcome back from, shooting course bro.

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ShotInTheDark71 replied....

Agreed I'm looking for that fucker HEHEHE !!!

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