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Iwo Jima Veteran UDT Frogman Interview

May 18th, 2016 
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Ramon Vanderwalker, served with UDT-15 in 1943. His third and final operation was Iwo Jima where he swam in and blew a lane for the Marine Landing. His ship was attacked that night by a Japanese Bomber that killed 18 of his Teammates. Horribly wounded and unconscious, he was being placed in a body-bag for immediate burial at sea when someone saw him blink...

Ramon wrote his book titled 'In the Blink of an Eye.'


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Hogan said....  

Terrific talk, great man.

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Sabo, Obas, Stencil said....  

I am still too gung ho for my own good. I want to hear that frog song and the seal song now. Dude broke his back and went back to war... That is about as hard core as it gets! Makes me feel weak and sickly with my 70% rating... migraines, shoulders, anxiety, ears. That dude broke his back and said "Tis a flesh wound!" Mind Blown.
o7(keyboard salute symbol)

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doesyourdogbite said....  

Thank you for your service Mr. Vanderwalker.

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doesyourdogbite said....  

Mr. Vanderwalker's stories remind me a lot of the series, The Pacific. I've heard people preferring Band of Brothers over The Pacific. Huge difference between what men in the European theater went through as compared to those in the Pacific. Plenty of towns one could take refuge in while in the European theater; not so much in the Pacific...

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Tactical Mom said....  

About as cool as it gets. Awesome!!

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