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Its Hellnight again

May 15th, 2016 
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Don and Diane answer questions and get ready for Hellnight. The class will be up for 24 hrs

with no sleep and little rest.


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riffraff81 said....  

Shit happens. Hell... a guy that was at FTX during USAF boot camp the same time as me died from water intoxication. Texas heats a bitch in August so we had to hydrate constantly. I didnt know the kid, but I had seen him around a few times. And that was just the Air Force!
I am certain the BUDs instructors are anything but negligent. Shit happens and it sucks.
But, usually, in the wake of a tragic accident, it becomes a teaching tool for the instructors that will save hundreds of other lives and prevent students from making the same mistake

gaz avatar
gaz said....  

99.9 per cent of the time the media are full of shit everyone knows that.

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gaz said....  

Bloody dentist lol. What medals do dentists get? Since when do dentist put their life on the line for their country and people? So not likely other dentist are going to hunt down other dentist the spanner. Dons right people do hate others that have more, funniest couple online they both have me crying with laughter.

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River Otter said....  

Cant stand bikes either....

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GH0st said....  

How about an update on MAC!?!?

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