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It's Classified, I cant tell you.

May 22nd, 2016 
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It’s Classified, I cant tell you. Just some random Don bullshit. Many thanks for the support.
New Phony SEAL is on the way...


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Krump said....  

hahah paul and his mental issues of child missing attention! The bell that saves hundred doors! the punch in the face Vs watch it coming back by the mail! haha

doesyourdogbite avatar
doesyourdogbite said....  

Don's random bullsh-t is always, more relevant, than what comes out of a politician's pie hole.... Every time.

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Railroad Dave avatar
Railroad Dave said....  

Don,the Navy better get on board with what your doing with these phonys and pass laws to support you.If this keeps up what incentive does a man have to becoming a real Seal?Without Seals there is going to be a void that the Navy better start doing something about.Why would anybody want to become a real Seal with so many phonys out there?I hope you see what I'm saying.

Kary Jo avatar
Kary Jo said....  

Sorry for the loss of your friend.

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Jarheaddoug said....  

First let me say I'm sorry to hear about your friend Senior Chief. Second, I live in Cincy, work in the same field as Paul, and do business with the company he works for. That video being passed around by the people at his company has consequences that falls on Paul, and Paul alone. It damages a company's reputation when you have a jackass like that working for you. He may be a bad or a good worker, but once something like this goes public people none of that matters. People need to understand what all these claims do to a business. Respect, trust, and honesty are as crucial to your company's reputation as customer service, When someone does this and customers start to pull their business, because they don't know if they can trust the company based off of who they employ. Things will fall hard on everyone at the company because of his claims. It is more than his image at stake, but also what people think of the company, No company wants a black eye in today's world and nobody wants to work with a person that puts themselves before their co-workers. He let his co-workers down by putting his company's reputation at risk with his bullshit.

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Bosun avatar 05/24/2016

Bosun replied....

I think the Co. he is at now will be fine as long as they get in front of this and fire/shit can his ass ASAP, if the Co. leadership acts now confidence is restored. If he forged DOD documents to pad his resume to get hired or vets preference that's a matter Id turn over to " John Law" . I would cut a civilian Co. some slack on whether or not they used enough due diligence in vetting him. In this case Was / is being a SEAL a condition or requirement of employment probably not but he choose to sprinkle that in his professional and personal life for gain.   Perhaps, they are just honest/decent folks and took his word for his BS.  However, when the truth be known change the door locks , cut computer, and throw his shit out the window and be so loud about it everyone on this and other planets hear you.   Problems become scandals when direct and immediate action is not taken .

The good that comes out of this is any Co. that has their shit together is going to say " Poor bastards, That could of dam well of happened here " and take it as a cautionary tale and  lesson learned. If its a SEAL claim "Call the Don".

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Guitarpicker, Janice, mojo
CMB avatar 05/24/2016

CMB replied....

Bosun gave good advice, you should stick that "LIE HARD" battery up his arse and quickly get rid of that fool.

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Janice, Bosun, mojo
Bosun avatar 05/24/2016

Bosun replied....

"Lie Hard " for the battery guy absolutely perfect . Don If you do any follow ups on Sterret please title vid "Lie Hard 2 " and "Lie Hard with a vengeance "
CMB nailed it

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