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Holy Hell Dianes in a typhoon

August 21st, 2016 
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Dianes trying to keep the farm running while Dons away but Mother Nature has other plans


Smitty avatar
Smitty said....  

You needed some RainX on the windshield!!

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Gasserglass avatar
Gasserglass said....  

Looks Like A Blast

TheOsprey avatar
TheOsprey said....  

Damn, that was funny.

Zim avatar
Zim said....  

Diane...sorry...can't help but laugh ! I needed that today. Reminded me of you being caught in that storm down in P.R. ..dive trip. Place looks great...what a spread. Hope Senior gets back safely. Miss you guys..hope to get down to help you out getting things together, if my schedule permits in September, I'll be in touch. Oh...send some of that rain out here in Cali. ..we sure could use it.

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Waveoff avatar
Waveoff said....  

I DO NOT want to rain (Snerk, snerk) on anyone's parade, but I think D&D should check with the local game warden about feeding game birds and animals that are to be hunted...especially Federal migratory waterfowl. I hunt 80 acres that borders on the west side of the Squaw Creek Federal Waterfowl Refuge in Mound City, Missouri. There is corn and millet planted in the bermed fields which are flooded a couple of weeks before hunting season. Not ONE ear of corn nor ONE stalk of millet seed is harvested or touched in any way. Otherwise, its termed hunting over a baited field and the fines are spectacular. I cant imagine it's any different in Maryland or anywhere else since its Federal.... Just sayin', folks.

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Zim avatar 08/22/2016

Zim replied....

Did not mean to hit that "dick" flag...apologies. Tried to change it back but wouldn't do so.

BUDS131 avatar 08/23/2016

BUDS131 replied....

Table scraps will never go to waste at my place. I love seeing all the animals here and I'll feed them cause that's what I do. I love'em! Diane

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