FredFred said....  

Those are some beautiful fields and ponds. My uncle Bill grew Milo and I saw him chasing out the cows from the field they loved eating milo. Yours is the first I saw to the point of seed though., I grew up wondering why it looked so much like corn but had no ears.

BobVH said....  

RIP to your former class leader and pilot friend! I enjoyed watching/listening to the duck ATC "Air Traffic Control" system the ducks have there......You've established a great place there Don. Good going shipmate.

HUTCH said....  

It's always been hard for me to comprehend that people who appear to be in great physical health also fall victim to a myocardial infarction (heart attack). And what's more strange, is the fact that as opposed to people who are not in as good physical condition, the people who seem to be in great shape that do in fact have a myocardial infarction event, very rarely survive. This is due to them having an undetected, symptom-less massive coronary infarction (a major blockage in a coronary artery). It's a strange phenomenon in the medical field.

SittingElf said....  

Warriors Rest is a great compound from the looks of it. My wife, son and I are thoroughly enjoying OUR somewhat temporary digs on Eglin Air Force Base in one of the six O-6 homes right on the Choctawhatchee Bay looking out across to Destin. Rank certainly has its privileges... and I'm lucky to have a wife who has reached that pinnacle in the Air Force. Unfortunately, she is up for a Group Command this upcoming summer, and we're almost hoping she is not selected this round so we can stay another year. When you can fish for flounder, redfish, stripers and many more virtually from your back porch, and being able to wade out almost 100 yards on the flats only waist deep, it's damn hard to leave!
The view from the back patio....


Dave said....  

Being a native Arizonian and living in Trent Franks District, I can tell you that he does nothing anywhere unless there is something it for him. Next, he wants to privatize Special Forces.