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EXTREME SEAL The Beginning and Dallas has a new Girlfriend.

July 05th, 2016 
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EXTREME SEAL The Beginning and Dallas has a new Girlfriend. Wrapping things up here, Diane and I thought as we turn over Extreme SEAL for our new venture, we’d share how lucky we were to get this started and keeping it running successfully. BONUS TIPS to keep lazy pricks from stealing your stuff... Many thanks for the support...
Dallas has a new Girlfriend COMING SOON...


1Marine avatar
1Marine said....  

Senior, I'd very much like to know how Operation Crow turned out?? I think I know, but humor me. please.

Javaspice avatar
Javaspice said....  

Had our shit in one sock. :-D :-D

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Hmmft avatar
Hmmft said....  

Don and Diane,

I'd like to say how much even these videos have meant to me. Found you in January of this year during some tough times for myself personally and the strength, perserverence, humblesness, intelligence, and sense of humor of both of you have been a nice break and even encouragin to "quit being a pussy" when shit turns south. Takes a little more than a bit of grit to have success indeed. Thanks.

Gary J.

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2minutes2midnight avatar
2minutes2midnight said....  

Mad Dog is the shit !

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DanO avatar
DanO said....  

The death of the trainee that drowned trying out to get to go to BUDS has been ruled a homicide by the coroner according to national news. Something about being held/forced under water. I didn't follow the incident so I guess I'll go read up.

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awesome avatar 07/06/2016

awesome replied....

It seemed like standard training.... well SEAL training that is. The trainee had asthma and a heart condition. The instructor is assigned to a desk job for now. They also said just because it's a homicide doesn't mean that anyone is guilty or a criminal.

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