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Don and Diane turning over the reigns.....

June 18th, 2016 
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Don and Diane turning over the reigns.....


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Re: the 'Error Setting up player.. Invalid license key'.
Sorry about this. We had upgraded the video player, but that caused issues for a few people.
Sooo, we restored the old player, which then caused issues for other people..
If you're still getting that error, either hold SHIFT down and refresh the page, or clear the browser cache - on Chrome, you need to clear 'to the beginning of time'. Else it only does 1 day.
Sorry, Admin

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ShotInTheDark71 avatar 06/20/2016

ShotInTheDark71 replied....

I was having trouble with Android which now works no issues Thank You SiteAdmin you kick ass !!! By the way can you put a virus in guys computer in Florida I'm sure we can take up a massive collection for your troubles... Who all is in I'm good for $100 Laz you work hard how much are you good for ???  .....Laughing that would be awesome !!!

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Rooster said....  

Except Laz. Too funny. And Senior, don't worry my wife beats me least you got it on video though I have no proof so far.....

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Peters75 said....  

Way to go guys! Nice to see good things happen for good people ....just keep giving us these little videos.... like you say , we are kinda like a family and we're all interested as long as you're willing to keep us!

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Ditty Bopper said....  

Must be Punkinhead with the phony Buds class- this guy needs to be got!!

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TheOsprey said....  

I'm a spelling Nazi. It's "reins."

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Waveoff avatar 06/20/2016

Waveoff replied....

Well.... we are dealings with Navy royalty.

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Waveoff avatar 06/20/2016

Waveoff replied....

And as far as the Bernathapuss goes..... its "rains".

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Grif avatar 06/20/2016

Grif replied....

I thought the same thing, Osprey. My "spelling" OCD drives me up the wall.

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