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Dianes Swimming Dogs and the rain storm

August 21st, 2016 
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Dons away so Diane entertains the dogs and gets caught in a down pour


ItalianPastry avatar
ItalianPastry said....  

What a great looking pool. I love doing laps. Nice to see things are coming together. I enjoy your update video's you have done while Don has been away.

Gasserglass avatar
Gasserglass said....  

Cant Wait To Jump In That Pool!

Preschoolteacher avatar
Preschoolteacher said....  

Glad y'all didn't float away.
I hate to ask this. In general, and in the past, I enjoy watching your "other" content. But, over the last six month, there's been a really noticeable slow down in the Phony videos. In March, we got two. In April, we got one. In May, we got two. In June, we got 3 (broke into 5 parts in total). In July, there weren't any. And, now in August, we had one. I know you've had a lot going on and I know it's not easy to start a new business, deal with legalities, and move. Hell, most people would've given up. So, I guess I'm asking- are you guys trending away from the Phony stuff? Are you running out of Phonies to bust? Is there some issue with getting them edited and uploaded that we might be able to help with?

ToddMM2 avatar 08/22/2016

ToddMM2 replied....

Short answer is no, they aren't moving away from busting phonies. They've just been extremely busy as you've noted. They've also had some unexpected things happen in the last few weeks. Starting a new charity, shutting down one business, and moving to another state, is no small task. Hang in there, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Oh and they'll never run out of phonies to bust.

ROFFO avatar
ROFFO said....  

I would love to see how the dogs go with Hillary ..


Cigar  avatar
Cigar said....  

DON ! Don't worry about her.. She is poolside... lol..

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