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Debbie n Diane getting settled in Maryland

July 28th, 2016 
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Dianes sister and brother n law join them in Maryland for the move.


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Machinist said....  

Glad you two are getting settled in and things are going your way. Looking forward to seeing the tour once you get the video put together and get everything kicked off. Best of luck with the new charity. Its a great thing to do.

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C.Lou22 said....  

U girls tickle me to death! I always wanted a sister & ended up w/2 big bothers that I love dearly. I was eventually blessed w/2 I get to watch them grow. Hopefully they'll end up close like u girls. As of now, they bicker constantly! But I'm sure that's sisterhood too right? LOL.
I love when your sis & bro n law on on yalls vids!

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scottie2hottie said....  

There's my little quarter pounder w/ cheese!!!... my little cookie cutter.... My QUEEN.... I am not worthy

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Zitsky replied....


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JimmyTwoTimes replied....

Queen Amy, you look wonderful. keep a tight leash on that crazy electrician of yours. let him out his cage twice a day. we like him.

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Zitsky, scottie2hottie
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scottie2hottie replied....

SHE'S ALL WOMAN!!!.... I don't deserve her

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AT3 replied....

Now I know where the hottie part of your screen name comes from.

Score Dude !

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je suis liberté said....  

are D&D going to do anymore "phony busts"

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Zitsky replied....

Yes, they're setting up the house.

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scottie2hottie replied....

@je suis liberté.... HOWDY STRANGER!.... how are you?

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bridgechief said....  

i wanted to share this from a RED web page. RED (Remember Every One Deployed)

In this is a photo from some Marines around a grave site of one of their brothers. I usually share stuff from my community NECC, but this is about Marines and we have a special brother hood bond with them, so I feel it is OK to share this, as I have been deployed in combat with this warrior class and brother hood.

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redman replied....

what you put up here bridgechief is some of the best, it's called honor, and you are part of this group, my FMF family all came home, and I thank God for that, this is a sobering reminder of that check being written and cashed in

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Teufel Hunden, Zitsky, Janice, bridgechief, Fee, JimmyTwoTimes
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Teufel Hunden replied....

Thanks for sharing Chief, got a red Forged shirt on today, strength through adversity. You are absolutely correct about the special brotherhood, I only first learned of your capabilities during MCT right after PI, next thing you know, I had some coming through our MOUT facility on Pendleton, when I was running a course. Some of the boots which had joined recently didn’t know much about what you guys did, so I had your men stacked in with my Marines to clear a four story building, since I was running the class, I could fk with everyone, flash bangs, trip wires, and my favorite, popping white smoke and throwing in some CS as well, and we all know, somebody has to suck it up and keep cover while everyone else dons their gas masks. I had one Marine jump out of the fkng window instead so we lit him up, but your guys were just like one of us. During the debrief, the boots were embarrassed and learned a good lesson, they got shown up by your team, after that nothing but mad respect for the way you guys handle the Op’s, fit in just like another brother, that was good shit.

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bridgechief replied....

Thank you to both of you and respect. The thing is people just think we stay on bases and do not understand we are working in other countries where there are NO other US forces but us and maybe some SOF operators some where, and this is why we train and have above average combat training, so we can defend our selves with out any back up. Training has advanced a lot after 15 years of conflict.When we deploy down range and then other forces that have never been around us see us in action and sya "I always thought you were rear area guy" well we are trained to live and work in dangerous environments with out support. The ODA guy's we worked with in AFG were surprised at how our guy's reacted when shit went down. We also have the only Navy MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) instructors certified by Marines.

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Zitsky, Fee, JulieO, Teufel Hunden, JimmyTwoTimes

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