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Buds131 Live Stream - Sept 30 6pm EST

September 30th, 2018 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Don and Diane go LIVE.  Sept 30 6pm EST. Playing simultaneously on YouTube and


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Schnitzelbadger said....  

Just wanted to duck in somewhere and say Hi, I signed up after catching some of Don's video's on YouTube, and watching this livestream. I'm in the UK, ex British Army (1984 - 2001) but got a medical ticket out to civilian life after getting injured. Diane makes me grin from ear to ear, and I've been married to my wife, who is also ex Army, for 30 years (the poor poor woman) . We've got the same problems over here in the UK, the amount of "Walts" as we call them, that claim to be ex SAS, and have been on the balcony in the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980 is amazing......... that balcony must have been the size of a freaking football field to get them all on Anyway, thought it right to say hi, and offer out a virtual beer to all here. Cheers, Tony.

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awesome avatar
awesome said....  

I'm guessing Joe Rogan podcast. One of the best. He would love to have you!

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jj said....  

How do I know when the next live stream is going to be taking place?

 Edso avatar
Edso said....  

Watch on Youtube
Watch on Youtube

EFD620 avatar 10/01/2018

EFD620 replied....

Talk about milking the cash cow. Didn't he do like 6 songs about the twist. I guess you keep pumping them out as long as they're buying them

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FD39PU said....  

This is Baylee. Someone tossed her out of the truck on the way by. Tiny kitten but I found a mouse on the door step the other day . I think I may have a keeper .

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Simon77 avatar 10/01/2018

Simon77 replied....

I hate it when people do that.
There is one in the neighborhood where somebody had to move and didn't want the cat trying to follow them .. so they tossed her out of the top of a 2nd story balcony.

The cat was injured and a neighbor took her to the Vet. She hangs around the same area for the free food and finds shelter in cold & rainy weather but nobody can get her to come inside a house again.

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FD39PU, Gin25
JimmyTwoTimes avatar 10/01/2018

JimmyTwoTimes replied....

people who mistreat animals should have the same thing done to them. toss this fucking asshole out the second story balcony. see if he likes it.

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Simon77, FD39PU, Gin25
Gin25 avatar 10/26/2018

Gin25 replied....

Those are some mean ass people.

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