Gasserglass said....  

Looking forward to seeing the new property, let me know when it's a good time to drop in to shoot the shit...or lend you a hand..... or fix some shit that needs tweaking? ..... sounds like it needs nothing but your own personal touches? ....... Again, I'm glad to see you are Diane " Movin On Up To The East Side!

WarChild said....  

I live in Daytona Beach, FL. Feel free to stop in anytime.

Roach said....  

Senior Chief and Diane, I want to wish you both a Happy 4th of July. You both done so much not only to protect our freedoms but have done much to as I say Pass down the Patriotism to the next generation. Please give my regards to Brandi, Sully and Robbie. Also to all the young men who are going through the training this week.

Best wishes on all the things you will be doing on the Eastern Shore. Fred Berkaw

AS1 said....  

Well, one chapter ends and another begins. Good for you Senior and Ms. Diane. Again, all I can do, besides supporting this site, is to tell y'all "fair winds and following seas." Yep, an old commando (you're not that "old" yet) and his bride have really earned a change in their lives.

As for me, I'll continue to watch the videos (worth every penny IMHO) and read the comments sitting here in "Flyover Country" where I can suck up some well maintained air conditioning (that was for you Hef83) and dodge all the severe weather we get this time of year, which, for my neck of the woods, has surprisingly been peaceful this year (so far). I thank the "Big Guy" upstairs for that.

P.S. I am as old as your bride: 39 years old with 20 years experience! :D

WT Hendrix said....  

Sr. I am glad to sub your site.
I'm in my mid 40'S and the only sane and fun stuff to do is with those of my age group or older. Being cool is still cool. Be cool and give it hell!