Air Travel Blues For Diane... I'm Writing President Thistle For Help...

Air Travel Blues For Diane... I’m Writing President Thistle For Help... Many Thanks For The Support... 



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Watched damn near every video published, some twice over even, and it still never gets old.
Keep at it Sr. Chief I believe you are one of the lucky few on this planet that found your calling.
Without 'em I never would have even considered how huge scale of a problem the valor-bandits are.
I am enlisting in the Navy in just a few months here and it still makes me sick to this day even a few years in to watching the busts

Devil dog

4.3 Yr


Fucking airlines!!!!!!they all suck ass!!!!!!


1.5 Yr


I'd be more concerned for the Corona-virus threat being couped up with all those people inside a tin can. $1500 ticket to anywhere you want to go, but not you because your bag is too heavy.  
I got booted for being too heavy. My bags flew, but not me. The airline put me in a van and drove me 100 miles to the next airport and gave me a voucher for a free flight. I never flew with them again. A lot of times, if there is bad weather, their weight limits are different. You and your bags probably added up to the amount they were overweight. 


3 Months


I lost a mouthful of coffee at 13:30. Right before Senior said "She's at the airport now ...." as I thought that things had got out of hand and Diane was having to ride shotgun with a sheet over her. lol


1.4 Yr


I have been in and out of Roanoke a few times. Now that is a "little" airport. The TSA/Baggage check is one guy outside the front door on the sidewalk. Takes about 5 minutes to get through. Then through the double glass doors and just a few steps right out the backside of the terminal onto the tarmac. The little tiny plane is parked and waiting to whisk us all away to Atlanta.
Diane, hopefully, you will be on the ground in Tennessee by the time you see this, but, the odds of something causing the aircraft to fall from the sky is long, your favor. I do, however, understand fears. My bugaboo is heights and closed space, they drive me crazy no matter how much I tell my brain to shut the fuck up, it won't. Hope your mom is resting peacefully. I pray for strength for you during this awful time. I have done this with 2 parents and 4 grandparents and it is tough. My only salvation was having the Lord on my side.

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