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A Flood

August 21st, 2016 
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A little of the aftermath of the storm


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Gasserglass said....  

That The Eastern Shore For Ya.... when it rains, there's a pool in everyone's front yard!

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Yosemite Sam said....  

everybody's fishing but me it's not fair

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Simon77 said....  

That general situation with a "small business" like ESE is not uncommon.

My brother-in-law has a business with 2 storefronts, one is also production. Sales are in the millions and profit margin before taxes is pretty darn good.

It should work like 500,000 is a 10 percent return on 5 million so the business is worth 3-4 million.However most of the profit is from large contracts because he is a good salesman. When it's time to shut down and retire the value is simply the "parts" and if he wants to sell it all off within 90 days after retirement he'll be lucky to get 500,000.

If he is real lucky maybe he can sell the business intact for a million and the employees won't all lose their jobs.

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phony hater said....  

need a favor from a navy guy.
Why only rank/ratting on one sleeve on dress uniforms?
why on right?
and why on Left?

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Bosun replied....

Right arm rates were to signify men of the Seamen Branch; left arm rates were to be used by personnel of the Artificer Branch, Engine Room Force, and all other petty officers. The uniform regulations of 31 May 1941 specified that the eagle was to face to the left in the rates comprising the Seaman Branch: Boatswain Mate, Turret Captain, Signalman, Gunner's Mate, Fire Controlman, Quartermaster, Mineman and Torpedoman's Mate. Right arm rates were disestablished 2 April 1949, after having been eliminated by Change #1, dated 24 February 1948, to the 1947 uniform regulations. All rating badges were to be worn on the left sleeve with the eagle facing to the right.

we also wore a crow (rating device eagle and chevron)  on the left arm in the old dungaree bell bottom jean working uniform uniform .

The other reason for the right arm rates vs the left arm rates was order of precedence. Giving a situation where two petty officers of equal rank were assigned military duties vice naval ones. Naval duties would be your duties you are rated for so in the engine room the engineers are in charge , the galley the cooks , ships store rooms the store keepers etc, Military duties As an example shore patrol or a working party or a bunch of sailors from a few ships performing some shit detail, the right arm rated petty officer at the operation was senior and in charge.  Seniority within the right arm rates were as follows Boatswain Mate, Turret Captain, Signalman, Gunner's Mate, Fire Control man, Quartermaster, Mineman and Torpedo man's Mate .  I imagine why they went to the left side in 1949 was that the majority of the navy already wore their crow on the left side so just the seaman branch had to shift. You notice that Boatswains mate was  by regulations designated the senior Rate (as well as the oldest) in the Navy. That was and continues to be a huge source of pride to us. Leadership by example is drilled into our skulls from day one "Any man can choose a rate only god can make a Boatswains mate " . For me to climb up through all those BM ranks and become a Boatswain CWO was the best job you could have in the Navy.  

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phony hater replied....

great answer for me a gun bunny. thanks Bosum!!!!!

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scottie2hottie, Zitsky
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Bosun replied....

I always thought it was so interesting that there is separate insignia/devices for officers, chiefs and enlisted navy dress uniforms. Not one common item worn by all to in the true definition of uniform. even buttons .

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scottie2hottie replied....

@Bosun..... THATS FUCKING COOL!.... Man I love it here!.... I have and continue to learn soooooo much from all you fine MEN n WOMEN who served/serve!..... THANK YOU ALL from my family to yours GOD BLESS!....

BTW, anybody know/heard from Bridgechief?

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phony hater said....  

happy Monday all
watching Submarine Command this AM
and now Destroyer with EG Robinson
tough day today
still can not find Enemy Below

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