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A Boy Named Sue. Happy Fathers Day.

June 19th, 2016 
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A Boy Named Sue. Happy Fathers Day. You folks mean the world to Diane and me. Except Dan Bernath. And Dallas Wittgenfeld. And Laz.
Kidding, Laz... Many thanks for the SUPPORT.



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Sooo, we restored the old player, which then caused issues for other people..
If you're still getting that error, either hold SHIFT down and refresh the page, or clear the browser cache - on Chrome, you need to clear 'to the beginning of time'. Else it only does 1 day.
Sorry, Admin

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BUDS131 replied....

Thank you Terry...Diane

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AT3 replied....

Worked for me.....Thanks site admin..... That was close....I felt the dy'n quivers coming on.

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Lazarus, Fee
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doesyourdogbite replied....

Yep, that works.

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Waveoff replied....

Terry... all said and done YOU DO ONE HELL OF A GREAT JOB. Thank you for all that you've done and continue to do. On your worst day... you're still pretty damn good.

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DanO replied....

Terry thanks to you we can now focus our attention on National Vagina Day. Are you a hardened supporter of In, or are you just going to limp Out? Just axin'.

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Guitarpicker replied....

Thanks Terry, You ARE the Man! Worked for me!!

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Edso replied....

Thanks For the fast accurate repair info. Its always a pleasure Sir.

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Jon said....  

Don and Diane I don't know if you check the comments from your older videos but I absolutely love this one!!
Love hearing about Diane's Dad with his ww2 service and TWO Bronze Stars! So glad he lasted so long with his cancer diagnosis. Don your Dad was a great sounding Man! Love the stories.
Glad I joined your video service. You both are GREAT people and thank you BOTH for your service!

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Ben said....  

Awesome stories of your dads . I think I've got something in my eye 😢

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Kary Jo said....  

Great stories! Thanks for sharing.

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Edso said....  

Dear Don and Diane,
Your videos always are great to watch. The SEAL ones bring me to a place of adventure and what if daydreams. This family video brought back sooooo many good memories of my families that I can only say THANK YOU .

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