MikeQ said....  

Bill Brockbrader what assclown,I could tell the the first video of three that he had you pissed off,Sadly we cant hang the Pedophile in the town square the bleeding hearts will not let us,I guess they are ok with assholes like him hurting little kids,So lets put people like him in jail and waste money housing,feeding,clothing, etc.When all we need is a cheap rope or a 50 cent bullet.I hope he get's raped in prison,but we all know Bitches like him go to PC.

Snoopsister said....  

Brockbrader is a classic sociopath - and he needs to be taken out of society. I am so grateful for people like you, who will take the time and spend the energy to pull dirtbags like Brockbrader off the streets. I can imagine the effort to do so has been enormous, but just one less creep out there is so worth every bit of effort you all have spent to help get him put away and has saved untold lives of God only knows how many little children out there. Thank you!

Snoopsister said....  

I couldn't find a way to comment on your Father's Day video, so I will just let you both know here how much I enjoyed you telling stories about your Dads. Such a beautiful tribute and yes, Diane, that one constant in life is FAMILY. Thank you for sharing those memories.

Navythomas8 said....  

Exactly what I figured why you were posting that back on YT! NAIL EM DON!!!!

Squirrel said....  

Stay FROSTY Senior! This guy is a loose psycho.