Marty said....  

I dont know nothing about ducks or geese. Cool work with Warrior.
Love the Dumb Asses you guys hit. Happy New Year. The Best.

JustKenyon said....  

Hey i have a question for Don if you havent answered it, what the mag in the shadow box over your left shoulder in most videos? Every time i see it i wonder about it


Austin D said....  

Climate change seems to be affecting the whole country. California fires, once in a century hurricanes repeating over and over, and abnormal temps countrywide. Hope both parties and the President will start to take this seriously.


audioengine said....  

I get notifications when the latest phony seal videos come there any way for me to get notifications when the latest ASK DON AND DIANE SHIT videos come out? Recently I saw where a subscriber suggested that we keep this to serious questions only but w/all due respect, we all watch for our own reasons and speaking for myself...I love all of the videos but the banter between you two is what hooked me! I love the stories! Diane especially! Ive even tried her recipes and cooking tips! So no judging! There's learning on all levels happening here! That's why its my favorite site! You guys could charge way more but lets grandfather in everyone under #2,000! lol


$hit River Sailor said....  

One day back in the 70's my father was flying across Wyoming in his own airplane. He stopped in Rawlins IIRC to fuel up and went into the FBO for some lunch(when they still had diners). He sat down at the counter and thought "Hmmmmm he looks familiar". Looked again and it was William Conrad..."Cannon". He was also flying across country in his own airplane and had stopped heading east for some weather over the continental divide. They talked for quite awhile apparently and discovered he flew P-51's during WWII over in Europe. Many here probably know who I'm talking about and remember that he was obviously MUCH bigger than a P-51 pilot would have been 30 years prior so it was a little surprising but was a very nice guy according to my father. Ya never know...just never know who you're talking to many times!

Nice to see some videos...been gone hunting out west hunting(Elk/Deer/'lopes)for the last month so haven't been around too much.