Vote for Don Shipley Library of Congressman

Vote for Don Shipley Library of Congressman
Ron White is the Phony SEAL Cuba Ninja
Thanks for the support




Words of wisdom from a Salt.



Mosin–Nagant K91/30 accurate as is to 250 yards on inch thick Steel plates and cuts of RR tracks for practice. Steel bullets....




Have you tried recording the geese and playing that back to them?



I am a big fan of both you Don and your wife Diane. Back in SD boot they were asking those with great swimming skills to try out. I was ATF > (Radioman tech, I know some of them piss you off :-) claiming things they were not) and had the rank and such already, and obligations but I love what you guys do. I think they had 4 classes a year in '75. My stuff was keeping the equipment in top shape. Handling the Z O have to get it done, crypt... repairs blah blah. Everyone has their task to do, and those that did them well were recognized. I love you guys, and support your patriotism. In a time we need to protect our nation from these commies... Post service was still involved Landwarrior... coordinator at KEO till corportate takeovers had us out the door. I should shut up, this is your place. Keep the stories coming.



Thanks Don for both your services in the team's and bloodhoundin the phony scumbags. " A day of reconin is coming" for them.



Don & Diane..I hope you read this...I asked you the same question some time back, but I was OOC for a few months....PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS:  "The Obama administration is violating a judge’s order to turn over documents in the Aug. 6, 2011, shootdown of a U.S. helicopter — call sign Extortion 17 — that killed members of SEAL Team 6 in Afghanistan"Senior Chief, I know you are super busy but if you ever get time can you reach out and find some answers to this? maybe pressure the D Trump Admin? tell me what to do I will start a campaign..I have lots of mil-vets here in Nevada that will help thanks ....Chris  USN-USA-USCG milvet
ps... this pisses me off that commy turd obozo's feet were never held to the fire and no congressional investigation




Dear mr Shipley
Do the seal teams ever come to the uk to train with our sbs and how you rate them having just joined your web from the uk like to say you are doing a great job finding these phonies afraid in th3 uk we don't seem as patriotic as you cousins across the pond I myself served in the infantry god bless you and your dear wife regards to you tikka65a



Senior Chief.... Not sure where to ask Don and Diane shit...I love your stories... Mack had Alluded to you and him being in some good bar fights. I was wondering if you could tell some stories about your most imfamous bar fights, before the teams and before your time in the teams and the results, and how, and if Diane has ever had to save your bacon, and the outcome? rarely do I laugh out loud at something I watch, but I think your stories are classic!




I miss everything except the long hours in the Navy. My other service veteran instructor was a BT. When a guy sat in the front row with a watch cap on I knew he was in trouble. The BT asked him if he was a ____, because he had a condom on his head.



Glad your enjoying your retirement Senior Chief. I'm an old BT myself. Miss the Navy every day.
You and Diane have a very honorable mission with helping DAV's. And I'm more than happy to give you my financial support.
Stay steadfast on your mission. You guys are not unnoticed.

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