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Take your Frustrations out on YouTube and Routine Don Shipley Whining.

August 04th, 2016 
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Please CLICK each Dan Bernath link below and FLAG his Dick Channels. He’ll put them up again but it takes him a LOT of time and I’ll ask for help again each time his Pussy Ass does it.  MANY THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT.


Lyle N avatar
Lyle N said....  

Only the top link goes anywhere. I love you guys and will be a subscriber for life!

Lyle N avatar
Lyle N said....  

I just found this and flagged, commented on and disliked as many of the videos as I could until my phone started giving me a network error when I would flag it. That guy is a POS!

Paul avatar
Paul said....  

Hi all, I just found another channel whose videos were suggested to me on Youtube:
Seems this is another one by Bernath and his minions
I have messaged you on Facebook as I couldn;t find an email address - hope someone picks this up. So sorry you are going through all this.

Primo avatar 11/20/2017

Primo replied....

It's gone!

greenconverse avatar
greenconverse said....  

I clicked on the flag, but it asks me for the reason. Can you let us know which reason to pick and then what to pick when the next set of questions pops up?

Grif avatar 08/10/2016

Grif replied....

I think you have to say that "A user is harassing me on the site", because if you select that "A user is attacking or belittling a celebrity, country, or other YouTube user", you get a pop up saying that the person being belittled has to make the report.

turdChaser avatar
turdChaser said....  

Went to all 5, one already seems to have been removed. I clicked on the flag icon, than on the report user, nothing seemed to happen. Hope it worked though. Perhaps I will revisit and try again. Thanks for all you guys do Senior (and Dianne of course)

Grif avatar 08/10/2016

Grif replied....
I was having the same trouble, but found this link and then you can copy Don's urls there.

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