Hogan said....  

Again i am new to your site. I see this video and while i u derstand and respect that it is Seal specific. It makes me think of all the Marine wives, Army wives and yes even zoomie families that must undergo these similar hardships. I am just an old jarhead Viet Nam vet. I get so angry that given the protracted tours of all services. The majority of thos nation is not at war. They are watching tv, with their families every day. Not mindful of the absolute stress of the 1 who serve. This video should be aired nation wide as a reminder to those who have no concept of the ripple effect taking place every day in the families of those who serve. OOHH RAHH ladies much respect for you.

ndag7 said....  

Thanks for making this video.

JW said....  

WE LOVE YOU, DIANE! Jody and Lisa from Martinsburg, West-by-God-Virginny!

EFD620 said....  

This was a video that needed to be made. Yeh, I've heard the bit about the Navy would have issued you a wife if they thought you needed one. Sadley the Navy makes us go out and find them on our own. When they finally get around to awarding medals for taking care of the homefront, these two will be at the front of the line.

nicholas said....  

i bet diane could beat up ronda rousey!