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Screwing Up

June 23rd, 2015 
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The Shipley’s have been on a roll ’Screwing Up’ this week


Griz avatar
Griz said....  

No more weekend trips to Syria for Don.

Darnhard avatar
Darnhard said....  

a came off my bike many years ago and I hit the road with my hip , walked and slept crooked for years then found a good chiro I walk and sleep straight now.

smfeatherstone avatar
smfeatherstone said....  

$40,000 for a little rubber boat...

DanoPCola avatar
DanoPCola said....  

I know the back probs. Take it easy Senior.

Snoopsister avatar
Snoopsister said....  

You guys don't need no stinkin' reality show to create crazy situations for you! Your daily lives are much more entertaining than anything some silly producer could manufacture for you. That back injury is nothing to fool with, Don - take it from someone who's ignored a back problem for far too long and now is getting ready for surgery in September. Take those pain meds and anti-inflammatories AHEAD of the pain and it will give you the best chance to heal and get past this thing. Will pray for a speedy recovery - and for Diane's sanity as you get through it. ;-)

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