USA11SF said....  

As Dr Jordan Peterson advises, do something today that makes you a better person then you were yesterday. It appears he has seen the light. It appears the adulation he received unwarranted actually was at the same time a painful burden in the long run.

lid 55 said....  

He feels some remorse? I guess there is some decency in this phony veteran after all.

N/a said....  

Wait just a minute y'all are the biggest bunch of hard-asses I've ever seen don't get me wrong I hate the phonies as much as the next guy but damn a guy who owns up to it like this don't calls all the places in apologize before anybody else can. I don't think Don's getting soft and I don't think it was the ass-whooping he took from the master sergeant,. I think this guy is legitimately sorry and although it was a huge mistake we all make mistakes and this is legitimately the first guy I've ever seen take credit and apologize what can any of us say. We have all mistake made mistakes. But I'll be the first to say I'm 41 and I've made some bad ones. Like I said I hate phonies and I've heard Don say it and I've kind of always thought this but when you just straight-up apologize admit what you did was wrong and that you were human it just kind of takes allThe fight right out of me. I never thought that I get to see one of these assholes do this but I'm going to leave this guy alone in fact I go as far to say, he must have some kind of character to do this and by the way I'm using the speech-to-text function if my message was unclear cuz I'm driving.

BigRob said....  

That's right... all it takes is an AF MSgt to scare him straight immediately!


Boors said....  

I can just imagine him one day saying he wished to be a SEAL, the next day hes told a little lie, then bang, years later hes bullshitting everyone....clearly relieved to be set free.