Phony Navy SEAL of the Week... Will The Real Jessie Taylor Please Stand Up.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week... Will The Real Jessie Taylor Please Stand Up.  Many Thanks For The SUPPORT...


Sandhill Grunt


I think he genuinely feels regret. I commend you Don for having a heart and at least hearing him out.



I do not feel sorry for this guy, but i do think he is sorry, and hopefully realize that 33 years of service is something to be proud of without talking all that bullshit.



As Dr Jordan Peterson advises, do something today that makes you a better person then you were yesterday. It appears he has seen the light. It appears the adulation he received unwarranted actually was at the same time a painful burden in the long run.

lid 55


He feels some remorse? I guess there is some decency in this phony veteran after all.



Wait just a minute y'all are the biggest bunch of hard-asses I've ever seen don't get me wrong I hate the phonies as much as the next guy but damn a guy who owns up to it like this don't calls all the places in apologize before anybody else can. I don't think Don's getting soft and I don't think it was the ass-whooping he took from the master sergeant,. I think this guy is legitimately sorry and although it was a huge mistake we all make mistakes and this is legitimately the first guy I've ever seen take credit and apologize what can any of us say. We have all mistake made mistakes. But I'll be the first to say I'm 41 and I've made some bad ones. Like I said I hate phonies and I've heard Don say it and I've kind of always thought this but when you just straight-up apologize admit what you did was wrong and that you were human it just kind of takes allThe fight right out of me. I never thought that I get to see one of these assholes do this but I'm going to leave this guy alone in fact I go as far to say, he must have some kind of character to do this and by the way I'm using the speech-to-text function if my message was unclear cuz I'm driving.



That's right... all it takes is an AF MSgt to scare him straight immediately!




I can just imagine him one day saying he wished to be a SEAL, the next day hes told a little lie, then bang, years later hes bullshitting everyone....clearly relieved to be set free.



Ive watched so many videos over the years by Don and this is the very first time Ive ever felt legitimate remorse through the screen by one of these guys. Of course everything he did was wrong but in my book he gets some serious respect points for being a man fessing up and preemptively calling everyone he needed to set the record straight.




I joined the USN in the Advaced Electeonics pipeline. E3 out of boot camp, E4 out of A school and because I was an excellent test taker made E5 & E6 on 1st increment. There were guys in my division who were every bit as competent as technicians as I was. They never had an NJP or negative evals. Some stayed stuck at E4 & E5 for many years. USMC promotes meritoriously and I dont know how often likewise I know little about the Army or Air Force promotion criteria. Meritorious promotion may be possible in USN but Ive never met someone who became an NCO that way. As long as PO3 Taylor served honorably then thats enough.

Stolen valor is a terrible thing and he certainly enjoyed the perks he was showered with. Also, it took being exposed to recant his claims. That being said, redemption is possible and he manned up in the end. I hope he volunteers to help a veterans organization to the best of his ability considering his age. If Don can find it in his heart to extend a hand and offer him help, thats more than good enough for this old sailor.


Whiskey Boy


I think he was relieved it was all over '... does not make it right but he begged for forgiveness, not your average phony .... well done to forgive him. It was still wrong !