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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. The You Remember Me, We had a Beer, Phony SEAL.

March 25th, 2018 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. The You Remember Me, We had a Beer, Phony SEAL. MANY thanks for the Support.


SEAL expertise is useful for civilian purposes, as well. In 1996, on Easter night, the Joint Rescue Coordination Center contacted the Navy SEALs to request assistance in the rescue of an injured man who was stranded on his boat off Fanning Island, about 800 miles south of Hawaii.


Since Fanning Island is 200 miles from the nearest landing strip, it would require a rescue team that could parachute in, have medical training to treat the injured man, and be able to operate his small boat. Four Navy SEALs were selected and flown to the site. Each SEAL carried 50 pounds of medical supplies and provisions when they parachuted to the lagoon where the boat was anchored.


The SEAL with medical training treated the man’s wound, which was a result of a fish hook puncture and had become badly infected. Since the island was too short to land a plane on and too far out to fly by helicopter to Hawaii, they had to sail the man’s boat to Christmas Island, 200 miles away.


After 36 hours of treatment, the infection was still spreading in the man’s leg. With his condition getting worse, the SEALs contacted the Coast Guard for additional medical supplies to be air dropped to them before they reached Christmas Island. Army doctors flew in to Christmas Island to be ready to treat the man when the SEALs arrived. Strong winds and heavy seas slowed their progress, but finally the SEALs made it. The Army doctors were able to treat the wound, and the mission was reported a huge success. If the SEALs hadn’t been able to reach the man so quickly, there would have been a very different outcome.



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Joe said....  

After 24 years, I don't remember any of the assholes I went to basic with, but I do remember my TI's name. But Air Force basic training is a different fucking story and wouldn't put quite as an impression on you as SEAL training, I'm sure.

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JMJPro said....  

Its odd how after 33 years in aviation we all still remember the names of people we worked with. Including instructors, bases etc.
We may struggle at times but we figure it out.
I still remember grammar school teachers and mates.
What was for lunch last week?
Nope, not important.

People, places, events. Yes
These guys all mimic each other.

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No Nick said....  

As a former Sea Bee, i apogize for this yahoo. Good work Senior Chief!

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bridgechief avatar 11/26/2018

bridgechief replied....

He is not a Seabee, he didn't know team number 1104, Marvin Shields team.

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minty said....  

Don't beep Don :-)

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Jim Mountain Man said....  

77. Q: What was the BUDS class? I'm sorry what? They all of a sudden get a hearing problem. Everyone.

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Christocopperhead avatar 11/12/2018

Christocopperhead replied....

This is the truth

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