Phony Navy SEAL of the Week TEASER and Emmet delivers Plucked Geese.

Phony Navy SEAL of the Week TEASER and Emmet delivers Plucked Geese. Many thanks for the SUPPORT...


Abida Babida


i went to college for 7 yrs and even though i didnt finish i am still considered a PhD. Then i went on a job interview to be a cop and even though i didnt finish the interview, im still considered a police officer. A few days later i went to Ringling Bros, Clown School and even though i didnt finish, i was still issued my red clown shoes and im considered an official Bozo. All my clown records are classified so u wont find a record of me ever being there. The CIA actually came and took me out of clown school, air dropped me into Cambodia and told me i had to find a crazy little commie named Charlie and stomp him to death with my clown shoes. After the job was done they came and picked me up in a Blackbird SR71 and got me back stateside as fast as possible




But...but...but....there is that salesman of the year with Mary Kay, got the pink Pinto to prove it.




Is it OK ta feed the Necks to your Dogs?, I remember my Maa used ta give ours the necks of turkeys at Christmas time, and always said it was alright.



crap i went on a typing rant, my bad, i better stop, hard to figure out what to say and not say?
so i had to back up and type this disclaimer, i got severe PTSD of a sort, confusion sucks for me, drives me batty, lets just say when i got to the ER or DR i have to have my xray in hand or i get labled schizophrenic and i do understand why. But then i realized they were lableing me that intentionaly but when i pull that xray out and wave it around they get silent and attend to my needs without the lable because to many witnesses to the missdiagnosis?
DARPA TNT, i figure i should showone of my xrays as well as let ya all know, there is weird shit out there,,,,,,,,,,,,,but you can tell, there is always some proof, then there is the person, i hear no intelligence from valor thieves, they might spell well is all, oyvey, spelling and not cussing is what counts?
ohya, Brockbrader, his wife tried a honeypot game with me, then when he finnaly texted me he was arrested 15 minutes later,,,,,,,that told me they knew what they were doing and felt safe to up there game,
many of those types assumed i was like them, then they see the xray and there butt puckers. then they realize im alone and in a catch 22, one side is a coverup the other is taking advantage of it game. so fuckit, now that im stable enough to chime in i figure might as well, and now i need a drink, i hate being unsure, i cant stand not knowing if my intel(etc) is accurate. shit i even had a buddy ask Don to see if i was in any files, i wanted someone to call me on this crap to alieviate my mind and chalk it up to just crazy or some shit.
when Pittman died shit got real crazy round these parts, he lived 20 minutes from where i sit now.
and when i didnt see the local VFW halls flag go to half mast i called the Marine that runs the place, left 3 messages, waited a day, then went and lowerd it myself. what another marine said to me was odd, what was odd was he knew, he was told story's, he also knew of brockbrader. Thing is i see what there doing, i know what there doing, i know a little about cold war shadow wars and shit
i was explaining that and Operation Dormouse years before they made that info public
how come none of them claim to be in SAD? they could get away with that allot easier claiming to be SAD, oyvey, not sure what to say. I sat and listend to Project Camelot and all those kooks for years, literaly,,,,,,,shit i was even mistaken as Bill wood for a while localy until he popped up on the internet and asked people, how is that ME? obviously you guys know something i might have forgotten in order to confuse me for that douchnozzlefucktarded shitwad. funny part is, i was accused of being a Delta Force Operator sent into sabotoge the native american cerimonys and oral traditions ,,,,,,,,the dam irony huh.
i was being accused of that while valor thieves like Brockbrader were running around telling story's. the magnatude of what valor thieves do, the level of harms that go unseen, then the very very very rare cases like mine. I get sick and tired of being asked if i served, i started saying, not sure, then started saying, well um no papers/not sure,,,,,,,,now i say, ya(fuckit) but my shit was attached due to how i think.
a fog sitch? Fog isa weird bunch. sorta why Brockbrader and DUncan offinion(Bobby Joe Finnin) those two oy vey,,,,,,,,,,,i hate to say this to everyone, but there literaly are networks of valor thieves . it was almost fun putting stuff online for that network to scoop up and re-work into a story to put on Project Camelot type crap. What wasnt fun was watching how they were getting away with it, and im like fack i drew there fire, there is the muzzle flash where they fuck our our people that handle this shit? im like crap, so everyone listens to these guys lying while im sitting hear trying to figure out where these dreams came from, odd memories that i cant place, i chalked it up to some remote veiwing type crap, then i had to accept, well maybe it realy did happen while those douchbags were writting books and telling story's. I wrote on project camelots forum for years, just to point out to people that they only listen to liars and valor thieves, as i sit hear a prime real story gets attacked, belittled and told to provide 3 forms of proof(i did) every new post, anything i said i had to verify it as much as possible, while others didnt show shit.
I dont know what to say about this or my sitch realy other than its a mindfuck and a cluster fuck .
i tried to ignore it, i tried to convince myself i was just crazy.
my congressman got my xrays, they confirmed they got the copy's then turned around and listed me as a threat and got put on a watch list, so ya i hate to point this out but we have a larger issue than most realize.
IMAGINE WHAT ITS LIKE(you can better than most) but imagine standing there listening to someone yammer on about implants and thinking, should i wip my phone out and show them my xray?
should i explain to them the DARPA TNT program? should i slap them and say hey asshole, the implant in me was to dumb me down, agrivate me, etc to reverse engeneer shit, done without my concent, then the induced amn esia.
best way to put my sitch is we have enemys within.
shit is hard to explain to mixed company,,,,,,,,its easier to explain to a Vet than a conspiracy theorist ironicaly.
I figure now that ive calmed down, got my head halfway out of crazy time i opend up hear a bit to give some insight into reality that some crazy shit does happen, but if someone is claiming that cray cray shit there is some type of proof or at least the individual shouold at least show some adeptness for certain things, like hand to hand, sitchuational awareness(spelling isnt required) ,,,,,,,, short of it, Im the only one like me ive ever met, ive heard allot of storys and lies, but i do know there were 3-5 others where all this started for me, thats it, and they were a few years older, not sure what it was other than the timeframe 1974-77 or there abouts. i was born in 70, so ya, i dont trust what i recall, i dont trust my dreams, i have to compare them with facts etc, ive had people even trying to manipulate and or implant false memories to fit there shite narratives,,,,,,,,,i might not trust my own memorie but i do trust my gut, and know if someone is saying what i did or did not do, .
So, now im kinda an odd local celbrity, aka someone that people dont know how to aproach or even talk to about this stuff, i dont want to talk about it.
but when people think im hear to assasinate them and shit i had to figure it out.
thats what triggerd me to start doing homework and asking questions, i was being attacked, peoples verbage illuded to things,,,,,,,,,i lost count of how many fights, how many times i had to defend myself and restrain the person without hurting them because for some reason local PD see's me as one of those types that is not allowed to fight?
Now i try not to drink and keep my cool, now that my local community realizes they got some things way wrong. i walk by people and they point and say(he's a real one) and i have to just keep walking when what i want to do is ask them, a REAL ONE WHAT?
short of it, my real story aint as colorful or fun as the conspiracy theorists shit but when i have to listen to it or get accused of doing shit thats in there made up story's i dam near snap.
i tried to walk away, let it go and not realy bring it up.
but then it comes out in my sleap and girlfriends wonderd what i was dreaming about, so i would let her know,,,,,,,,i was dreaming about escorting some tribal people in africa thru a warzone of a sort, not sure, probley some movie i watched.
again i get sick and tired of being asked if im a vet or if i served, and i have to say, doesnt a Vet Join then retire from the forces and have paperwork? im something else.
i also gues that project camelot and others hated me hanging around because someone with proof might make there story tellers apear as liars. Because of that Xray and whomever thought they were sly, nobody told me i had to figure this out while defending myself from weird shit coming at me, weird story's, people asking me oddball questions. Thats just one xray.
Obama and others played some nasty games, Brain Initiative,etc.
rights denied under color of law and under color of national security?
i still think im crazy a bit, not sure what is going on or went down,,,,,,,but what i do know is a network was taking advantage of my amnesia.



What always blows my mind is that they are claiming to be a seal because its the ultimate bad-ass tag. So when a REAL SEAL calls you why on earth would you threaten the guy who is the bad-ass you wish you were!




I'll have to try one of your CG recipes. They always turned out dry for me and not that great tasting. I will give those away and keep my Teal and Wood ducks.



Get 'em Senior Chief!!! Fuck that scumbag cock sucker! Who knows...maybe some boys down in Florida will go say "hello" to that mother fucker. Gee...I really hope THAT doesn't happen.




Don. Don't get mad.. just smile and get even.. I did this many times as a police detective. Don't worry I got your six..

Sam Steele


You can always tell a Canada Goose because the cackle will end with eh! ;-)
Merry Christmas and good tidings to all of you from Atlantic Canada.


Fast Eddie


Don light his ass up!! Cant wait to see the second half of that prick

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