Jrezky said....  

Funny how most of these guys get stabbed with bayonets, I guess because then people might ask to see the scars, but since they've never been shot and already paid for the purple heart on ebay, they can probably justify some scrape they got somewhere falling onto a sprinkler head or some such minor accident.


Nathan said....  

"I parted his eyeballs with a .45"... I'm just going to set that gem down... And walk away.

lori said....  

12:28 STFU - Priceless
Please play this for POW's and they will commit suicide..... blah blah," I did" Blah... "Me"

I need another Pronoun : pronoun
a word that can function by itself as a noun phrase and that refers either to the participants in the discourse (e.g., I, you ) or to someone or something mentioned elsewhere in the discourse (e.g., she, it, this ).

Abida Babida said....  

right cause why would they want you to actually train for a mission? Its much better to just go into one cold ... so u have a clear mind, ya know? Practising for a mission is girlie stuff. Just like the first time i air dropped into the trenches during ww1, They woke us up one morning before sinrise, told us to grab our guns and go out to the air field. Then they told us to each take a seat on a wing of a bi plane so we did. Next thing u know we were 8000 feet up over the western front and we were told to jump down into the trenches and kill the Hun. No parachutes either. They wanted us to get down there fast to suprise Fritz. We never asked questions, we just did as we were told. Off we jumped, all 50 of us. And even though 49 guys died impacting the ground, i survived the jump by landing in a shell crater filled with blood and was able to get up, lock n load and shoot me a few hundred Hun. Back in those days all we had was our skippies (underwear for u non Spec ops sissies), our muskets and a pair of way oversized clown shoes.

Hogan said....  

I do believe this is the most serious case of phonyfuknitis ive ever heard!