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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Gene, Gene The VC Killing Machine.

June 01st, 2018 
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Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Gene, Gene The VC Killing Machine. STAND BY FOR PART 2. Many thanks for the SUPPORT...


Scrubb  avatar
Scrubb said....  

Gotta love the instense face rub does after every call!!!! Hahaha.

BostonBrian avatar
BostonBrian said....  

Lol Antarctica that is priceless!!

Dochyde537  avatar
Dochyde537 said....  

Maybe he was clubbed by an Emperor penguin who was defending seals. He probably just got confused or something. Totally understandable if you toke up enough.

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M1Hound avatar 11/09/2018

M1Hound replied....

Wrong kind of seal I guess

breezyjr avatar
breezyjr said....  

Funny how the Antarctic treaty states there can not be any military presence... So, I wonder how this guy was patrolling there....

MarkF avatar 11/09/2018

MarkF replied....

Obviously this guys is full of shit, and I don't know the exact terms of the treats -- but I do know there are Air Force weather guys that are stationed at McMurdo (usually only one or two at a time). However, they MIGHT be AFR/ANG weather guys, that go down there as contractors, so maybe that's how they get around it. Anyways, thought you'd be interested to know that! Cheers!

MarcusGalbis avatar
MarcusGalbis said....  

To be affected by that St. Louis Records Fire, you'd have to (1) be in the US Army or US Air Force (2) and be in your mid-70s (or older). I don't even think it affected the Vietnam Era veterans because the fire mainly affected the records up to 1960. Vietnam began a little later. But, the fire doesn't matter...these asshats claiming to be Seals always have "bad memory".

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