Phony Army Special Forces and a clown Army Ranger. The Frank Jones, Jonathan Senk Scam.

Phony Army Special Forces and a clown Army Ranger. The Frank Jones, Jonathan Senk Hostage Rescue Scam.  Many Thanks For The SUPPORT... Email I received from Iva Bradley, mother of Amy Bradley, concerning Jones and Senk. Sunday December 1st 2013
Ronnie and I talked last night about Senk writing on the blog that I called him and begged him to do an interview and that I also thanked him for trying to bring Amy home.  That is wrong on so many levels.  Ronnie says he thinks he remembers me possibly talking to him once on the phone.  By the way, I know I’ve dreamed about having confrontations with him and Jones over and over and I’ve etched those pictures in my brain that have forever haunted me.  If I spoke to him on the phone it was to tell him that we could not believe that he would put on a wig and stand on a beach with a girl with Amy’s tattoos and no explanation coming from him would make any sense at all and nothing he could say would ever make it right.  I have absolutely no recollection of asking him to do an interview and I did not thank him.  That is ludicrous.  Somehow in all of the turmoil of that moment it was said by someone (either him, Buckholz or the FBI, I don’t remember) that Jones convinced Senk that by posing for the pictures it would make the FBI move faster.  To put Amy’s tattoos by using a decal print of Amy’s tattoos on his girlfriend was to get money, not the FBI’s attention.  If that were the case, all 3 of them, including Senk’s girlfriend, were tampering and impeding an ongoing investigation by faking and providing these pictures to the FBI.  By the way, the FBI never got the pictures until I provided the pictures to them after Buckholz turned Frank and him into the authorities.  Perhaps Buckholz gave them to the FBI himself as well. 

It is pretty hard core to go to Pensacola, FL...put on a wig, dress the girl like Amy to include a big straw hat that Jones repeatedly mentioned she wore when he was supposedly trailing her, put Amy’s tattoos on his girlfriend, and pose for pictures as her captor and that’s how they were presented to us...the whole thing is sick. 

I do remember like it was yesterday and will never forget or get over the moment Buckholz called us to tell us the pictures weren’t real. 

We suffer everyday of our lives and live in panic not knowing where Amy is and people who intentionally sought out to take advantage of us will hopefully one day after we all leave this world, be held accountable for those bad intentions.