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Phony 101st Airborne RVN of the WEEK.

August 22nd, 2017 
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Phony 101st Airborne RVN of the WEEK. Looks like I’m branching out... Many thanks for the SUPPORT...


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TXDoc said....  

My dad was 101st airborne in Vietnam. He would have kicked this guy in the nuts if he heard that BS.

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Steve avatar 10/26/2018

Steve replied....

I was in the 101st in early 69, the Ashau....This guy would be in a lot of trouble with me. Spend a year in the bush in infantry in Nam and no one did 2 tours

Hatter avatar
Hatter said....  

Hope you do branch out! I've seen more Special Operators on the outside than when I served. Ive met a 300lb Seal at a Houston Bay Area Nissan Dealer, spinning tall tales. He vanished when I told him I served.

jon L avatar
jon L said....  

Its number 3 on the top page as of now "fake dd214" main title says "FAKE DD-214 Discharge papers..." description says "Military Discharge papers (Form DD-214) require little more than some White Out and a printer to manipulate and alter. Not so many years ago Servicemen ..." ver Batum

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S&W MODEL 29 said....  

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Combat-corpsman avatar
Combat-corpsman said....  

Are there any Canvas back duck up there.

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