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My buddy Richard "Mack" Machowicz.

December 27th, 2016 
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Thinking about my buddy, Mack. He’s hanging, brain cancer and all but it’s been tough. VERY STRONG MAN.

He taught Hand2Hand at Extreme SEAL a number of years ago. We’ve done a lot together...
Many thanks for the support...   


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ARWalker said....  

Thank you so much for sharing your brotherhood/friendship. Amazing!

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FredFred said....  

Blanket party for the one that consistently pulled the squad down. Never be the last two to get to destination. Keep your head down, do the mission, help the team, achieve.

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FredFred said....  

Very true, how much damage do you want to do. It makes all the difference, know your target, then are you going to look into their eyes or their center of balance...

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FredFred said....  

I worked for Sony Electronics for a time in the Analog-Digital phones. Even though they say its safe it is NOT. Simple thoughts: Look at the antenna length (remember the older phones about 2.5 inches) that is about how far into your brain the magnetic wave penetrates when you hold up the phone to your ear. If you do that often, for long periods what do you think will be the result? Look for a LOT (increasing) brain cancer. It takes years, but this is the result. They reduced the power to 5watts, then lower, we started shielding (metalic paint, some power transistor covers inside) but common. If there is money to be made, do you think corporations are going to hesitate or the government step in to protect you if its not blatant and immediate? Use a ear piece with microphone its lower magnetic pick up, consider if your going to wear it on your belt, keep it away from your reproductive areas.... Earbuds and mics... protect yourself. Love ya

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556wil45 said....  

Great man

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