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Lori Story. Fake Navy SEAL Serial Killer...

June 05th, 2018 
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Lori Story. Fake Navy SEAL Serial Killer... Many thanks For The SUPPORT...


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KYwArM1nG said....  

I have some friends in the legal field that I am running this by and I'll let you know any info they relay

Kodabear12 avatar
Kodabear12 said....  

That mothefucker needs to be locked up and have the key melted down so he can never leave prison hopefully some bigger inmate does to him what he has done to women i feel bad for her hopefully he never gets parole

Flex Steel avatar
Flex Steel said....  

I appoligize for my language on last comment just makes me mad to see such a warm hearted lady done this way . Didnt realize you cant delete comments on here . Im cussing like a sailor the more i watch these videos. Hope and pray that fool never gets out of prison .

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Flex Steel avatar
Flex Steel said....  

That mother fucker ..they should tie him to a pole and shoot his ass 90 times with 30 06 ..that lady you can tell is the sweetest person and deserves way more justice ..

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lori avatar 11/20/2018

lori replied....

No worries for me - I appreciate the honest perspective & agree.
Thank you so much - Parole hearing is getting closer - prayers appreciated - will finalize plans to attend February 2019.

William avatar
William said....  

Hi members,

I really hope any and all of us that can do whatever we can help this fine woman and keep that guy locked up. Thanks Don for providing a forum for this kind of thing to get public. All the best, William

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lori avatar 11/20/2018

lori replied....

I appreciate the kind words & yes, I am honored to have D & D on my side -

just retelling the story has had a therapeutic value in a sense of all the members too - validation.

I hope to one day repay all the kindness.

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