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Inbox Phony SEAL. The Now you See it, Now You Dont Phony SEAL.

March 19th, 2018 
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Inbox Phony SEAL. The Now you See it, Now You Dont Phony SEAL. Many Thanks For The Support... 

Hey brother,[          ]

How the hell are ya?  You should have had your bachelor party by now.  I trust it was a good one!  We just got to a post with coms.  Back out in two days.  Sorry brother, not going to make it.  I’m sure you are marrying one hell of a good girl if your getting married.  Goes back to all those talks we had on deployment.  



Paul is one of the most dedicated, trustworthy, and supportive guys I have ever met.  Kept my ass alive twice in rigorous combat conditions.  He was always there for his team, no questions asked.   He always made sure his team was in check with life and family while sacrificing in my mind, his own happiness.  I’m so incredibly happy for him that he found someone to share his life with and to love him as he deserves to be loved.  Us Team guys, are not always the easiest people to understand.  We have all gone through our challenges within our personal lives with heartache, disappointment, and the lack of understanding of how we are made.  Some of us can say a few words, most can’t to describe our soul and how it has been affected by war.  Separation and loneliness have been the destruction of most of my brothers lives when returning to civilian life which is why I’m terribly grateful that Paul has you!  Don’t give up on him....

I really look forward to meeting you someday with Stacey.  I think another military wife would be a great friendship for you and I know Paul would concur.  You are joining a part of a group of women that have taken an oath to take care of their soldiers.   Paul tells my about what he has done to take care of you and how his love for you makes it all worth it.  I have known him now for the last eight years and I have NEVER heard him talk of a girl they way he does you.  He truly adores you with love and admiration!  


I wish you both the best on your wedding and your amazing journey together!  Fair winds and following seas!




Jeff & Stacey

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