You are here - Gene, Gene The VC Killing Machine has some explaining to do.

Gene, Gene The VC Killing Machine has some explaining to do.

June 03rd, 2018 
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Gene, Gene The VC Killing Machine has some explaining to do. Many Thanks For The Support...


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Jpski83 said....  

I got a humanitarian service medal for our support in the aftermath of Katrina. It's my favorite award.

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Targus said....  

Good Sir, we cannot thank you enough for your assistance in exposing Gene Gene the Killing machine. We, at the Watchmen of America, have never nor will ever tolerate stolen Valor.

Furthermore, the continued service you are providing our country is beyond what any words can convey. Thank you!

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Jimmy said....  


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ChillBilly said....  

Good comments. The Stafford Act prevents FEMA from acting sooner in a lot of cases. The Governor has to request assistance from the federal government and the President has to sign it, before FEMA can put boots on the ground. Although this has become a quicker process over the years since Katrina, people still need to do their own preparedness for their own protection. Also, it is suggested or required that you evacuate, evacuate, don't just ride it out. It's not worth your life.

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Cap replied....


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TurdChaser said....  

Katrina did catch many off guard due to the size and power, particularly the massive tidal surge. My family rode it out 3/4 of a mile from the beach, primarily due to the fact my wife is a nurse and had to report to work in an all hands situation, as she has for most of the hurricanes we have endured. We had food and water for a good spell, and made it to the other side of the worst conditions. But most of us were without power for much longer than anticipated. I also had plenty of ammo to repel looters. My one glaring oversight was not having enough brewskis. My wife managed to snag me an 8 pack of bud lite ponies from somewhere on her way home from work one day. I sucked them things down like nobody's bidness.

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22:29:34 replied....

What region/ city were you in?

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