Forgot my BUD/S Class number, Arctic Warfare and War Movies.

Forgot my BUD/S Class number, Arctic Warfare and War Movies. Send your 'Ask Don and Diane Shit' questions to Many THANKS for the Support. I’m working on something BIGGG. Coming Soon...


Chuck golf :2/26th mar


Respect begatds respect

Chuck golf :2/26th mar


Platoon was a great most realistic movie about the nam I've ever seen. Probably cause it brought me home

Chuck golf :2/26th mar


Dons right common sense will tell ya the guys a half a bubble off a level.



Letter can't be real nobody that stupid



Apparently, GORP stands for Good Ol Raisins and Peanuts. Although over time, people added more gedunk to it, so it has a little of everything, but its basically just trail mix.



****( Senior Chief Shipley )****

Great Video Buddy.....



Shut up! Shut up!! Made me laugh out loud.




Diane and Don,

I'm ashamed to have to write this. I saw your attempted interview with the nice attorney person from Florida - Mister Bernath - Or Captain, Commander B. as I know him and frankly I was shocked. You turned up on his grass verge with your balloons and T-shirt and I felt his shock at this blatant attempt to wheedle your way into his home and draw favour with this brave, brave man.

How did he know that those balloons weren't filled with some sort of toxic gas? He's a SEAL for heaven's sakes - he knows a threat when he sees one. And to turn up on his doorstep wanting to have it out with him is an act of aggression. An act of war! Hasn't he suffered enough? I don't know how many Purple Hearts this guy has got but it has to be lots right? I mean - he can't even walk! And yet - in an attempt to look normal on your video, he struggled onto a bicycle and rode around the streets trying to reclaim what is left of his dignity! When we know that most of it was left -strewn in the mud and squalor of Vietnam. This poor man even has to wear a pistol to bed at night. The ignominy of that! Twice his poor wife thought it was something else and he had to point it the other way lest it went off. Imagine that. Imagine having a weapon - so damaged by conflict that you can't use it. Even Diane knows that undercover, classified SEALS suffer from erectile dysfunction - and they won't give you a damn Purple Heart for that! The bastards! Didn't he say something about piddling in a strange way -unlike other men? And you rub his face in it?

I loved his analytical mind and the way he put his case. Like a scythe through butter! God there are times in my life when I wish I had an attorney like Master Chief, Colonel Bernath. No judge would be safe with him in the chamber.

And yet you ignore his service and sacrifice. And you know why Don? Because in 30 short months- he did what you couldn't do in more than 20 years. He went from BUDS to Commander! And I know what he did was classified. The President said at the time - "Mister Bernath's service is forever more -classified!" Why? Because the details are too horrible to hear Don! Gruesome is not the word. "Yew - Grisly" was what the President said as he pinned another Purple Heart on his chest. And I can tell you Don - there's very little real estate left on Commander Chief, Major Bernath's chest anymore. Which is why he knocked back the Presidential Medal of Honor. "Nowhere to pin the mongrel!" And as the President of the day said- "You pin these things in the wrong place - and them veterans will be crawlin' all over y'all on Veterans Day".

And he was so humble - so discreet that he said "Don't you worry about that Mister President - I don't need it. I don't like to brag about my service! You give it to some other nice young fella - like that Billy Don Wheeler! Now there's a hero for you." And do you know what the President said to that Don? He said "Sheesh I'd like to do that Commander, Chief, Petty Officer Bernath but he's got nowhere to pin the bugger either! His chest is just flat out full. I remember 12 Purple Hearts! I said at the time -Dang! This Billy Don is runnin' out of things to injure. The only thing he ain't been injured from is a piano wire burn!"

I agree with Mister Bernath Don. You should shut up shop completely - you and your real SEAL buddies - because trust me when I say - there's heaps of SEALS out there who are so classified that you don't even know about them. Just 'cos you legitimate boys think ya know it all - with your valour and your missions - don't mean that there was a whole new raft of people out there who did their service under deep, deeeeeep cover. At night too! So they didn't get recognized! The trouble with you is - you are easily recognized! If they call you back Don - you're stuffed. You'll jump ashore at somewhere like Iraq and you won't be able to walk down a street! Some terrorist is gonna walk up to you and say "Hey - you that Don Shipley bloke ain't ya? Get the 50 Cal brothers- we got a real live one here!" But - Mister Bernath could sneak in after the cover of darkness - so that the clink of his medals goes un-noticed - with a length of piano wire and - I can't go on Don - it's just too damn gruesome.

Thank God for people like Super Master Chief, Commander, Colonel Bernath Don. He gives us something to look up to. I'd pay his welfare cheque myself if I had to. Just because he was running around his front yard doesn't mask the fact that he is a practical para-pah-legic! It's just that he was so shocked at being recognised for his service when you turned up with your balloons, that he forgot his pain! He thought it was a delegation with another damned Purple Heart! And his wife - had told him "No more fuckin' purple hearts Chief Bernath- I'm running out of Living Room wall space for the darn things!"

Best thing you can do Don is retire with that perty little Boatswains' mate of yours and get her making black peppers for y'all. And them potato skins too with the Ranch sauce. It's a hard thing to do Don - but sometimes you are in the presence of greatness and y'all don't even know it. I sleep at night because of people Like Super, Master Chief, Commander, Bernath Don. I know that when the shit hits the fan here - Bernath is just a peddle ride away with his trusty weapon by his side, ready to defend my security. Meanwhile you'd be just makin' another of your damn videos. With an ISIS knife at my throat I know that with people like some of these wonderful undercover, classified hero's, I can laugh in the face of the enemy.
Name withheld as I'm deep undercover too. Plus I'm from Australia.


Heavy D


How exactly do you take a shit in Artic Warfare without freezing to death ??

Airborne 319


I keel you I keel you!

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