Hogan said....  

You guys are a hoot!

tmann1606 said....  

Very cool story Don, Has Diane talked about how she ended up going into the Navy?

Sarge said....  

Damn Senior, didn't know that you went in non-designated striker.. Did that also, however for Submarines, I remember those times however mine were a bit later then yours. I watched our beloved Navy fall down around us, those of us whom still hung on to the motto of "Work hard and play even harder" soon felt the "new" Navy come in and it was painful to watch it go away.. That is one of the few reasons why I left the Navy and joined the Army because it took another decade and change to catch up.

When it did I was called the "Old Soldier/Old Salt" which I wore as a badge of honor and I knew that it was time for me to retire, I tried to retire on my terms however.. The Army had other plans so I downscaled my dreams and just walked away with no real ceremony, no hype, no end of service medal. Just walked away and let that part of me go


TommyF said....  

Yokosuka was awesome. I loved every minute of being out to sea there, seeing all those amazing countries, especially Japan. I totally fell in love with Japan. I would move there in a heartbeat. Goodbye NYC!