Dons Old Navy Days

Don reminisces about his Navy days and damn near kills Diane




You guys are a hoot!



Very cool story Don, Has Diane talked about how she ended up going into the Navy?



Damn Senior, didn't know that you went in non-designated striker.. Did that also, however for Submarines, I remember those times however mine were a bit later then yours. I watched our beloved Navy fall down around us, those of us whom still hung on to the motto of "Work hard and play even harder" soon felt the "new" Navy come in and it was painful to watch it go away.. That is one of the few reasons why I left the Navy and joined the Army because it took another decade and change to catch up.

When it did I was called the "Old Soldier/Old Salt" which I wore as a badge of honor and I knew that it was time for me to retire, I tried to retire on my terms however.. The Army had other plans so I downscaled my dreams and just walked away with no real ceremony, no hype, no end of service medal. Just walked away and let that part of me go




Yokosuka was awesome. I loved every minute of being out to sea there, seeing all those amazing countries, especially Japan. I totally fell in love with Japan. I would move there in a heartbeat. Goodbye NYC!

No Nick


USS McKee (AS-41), named after Andrew McKee, was the third Emory S. Land-class submarine tender built by the Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company of Seattle, Washington for the United States Navy.
The ship was commissioned on 16 August 1981. After a series of sea trials, McKee replaced the USS Sperry (AS-12) and joined the USS Dixon (AS-37) in San Diego to support Pacific Fleet submarines. The McKee was the Command Ship for COMSUBRON11.
Early in 1984, McKee became the first submarine tender certified to support the new Tomahawk cruise missile system. McKee earned three consecutive Battle Efficiency "E" awards in 1985, 1986 and 1987. In addition to the Battle "E" in 1986, McKee was honored with the Golden Anchor Award for retention excellence and her first Meritorious Unit Commendation.
In 1988, the McKee was the first submarine tender to visit Cold Bay, Alaska since World War II, and conducted the first nuclear submarine upkeep at this remote location. 1988 saw McKee become the first submarine tender certified to handle the Tomahawk Vertical Launch System (VLS).
In February 1989 the McKee performed the first at-sea weapons transfer to a submarine since World War II, to the USS Ohio (SSBN-726).
In March 1990, the McKee continued leading the way for submarine tenders by participating in the first underway fuel replenishment by a Pacific Fleet submarine tender. This fuel was in preparation for deployment to the Persian Gulf in January 1991.
When Operation Desert Storm began, the McKee deployed to the Persian Gulf and spent six months providing support to submarines and surface combatants in Jebel Ali, just outside Dubai, United Arab Emirates. McKee was awarded a second Meritorious Unit Commendation and the Southwest Asia Service Medal. Following Desert Storm, McKee was awarded a fourth Battle Efficiency "E" Award.
In 1995, after the decommissioning of USS Dixon, McKee provided all support to San Diego based submarines. Assistance was also provided to many Allied submarines while they visited Point Loma.
In 1998, McKee earned a third Meritorious Unit Commendation following a six-month deployment to Pearl Harbor. During this deployment, McKee provided services and conducted repairs to both U.S. and Allied submarines and surface combatants. Upon returning to San Diego, the ship took the lead in establishing shore-based services that will support the submarines after McKee's departure.
In November 1998, the weapons department of the USS McKee loaded Tomahawk cruise missiles onto HMS Splendid (S106). These were the first of 67 Tomahawk cruise missiles sold to the Royal Navy and the first British submarine to receive the Tomahawk missiles. They were later used by HMS Splendid in offensive operations in Yugoslavia.
On 1 October 1999, McKee was decommissioned from service and moved to the Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility (NISMF), located in Portsmouth, Virginia. She was struck from the Naval Register on 25 April 2006.
USS McKee was one of the first ships to integrate female sailors.



Collared shirts, khakis, and in by midnight ? holy shit I wouldn't last a day.



I love the Phoney Seal videos, but I am starting to love hearing all of Shipley's old SEAL stories. I would pay a whole lot more if he had a channel just about his stories and experiences.




Well worth every penny! You two crack me up!




Glad I spent the money to see these videos, I love watching the both of you. Oh, the good old days in the military. I do miss them. From my time at Ft Carson in 4ID, Germany and Ft Bragg they all have special memories.

WT Hendrix


I love the Navy.
Nobody's asking you. Lmao!
Fuckin Great. When being an American and Cool. Was being an American and Cool.
Why I signed up to catch the both of you.


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