Joe45014 said....  

I have heard Don refer to the things in this arena as things that "bite." "Everything bites." The fact is when you are handling guns, teaching even a basic handgun class, THINGS BITE. How much more must that be the case in the training areas specific to military, and then SPEC Warfare? Yes in the case of Navy SEALS you are dealing with people at the very TOP of the ability and intelligence spectrum, but they are people. People fuck up, they forget, they do things they do not mean to do. An employee brought me the checkbook earlier so I could sign a check for a purchase we were making. I opened the book, answered the phone, it was a telemarketer, I hung up, and was like: "Now, WHAT did you need?" Its just that in MY work MOST things do NOT BITE, so my forgetfulness was okay. The men of SEAL Team have to be ON all the time. We've heard it referred to as "Condition white, yellow, orange and red." We hope we are not in WHITE unless we are asleep, but lets face it we do get that way even when we should not. These guys HAVE to be ORANGE most of the time. They have to behave as if there IS a direct threat HERE we just have not identified it yet, and as that last story demonstrates even a MOMENTARY lapse by an unquestionably intelligent man resulted in injury and death. I can't imagine having to stay that alert ALL the time, and working where the margin for error is paper thin.

Hogan said....  

Obviously tough things to think about, maybe some young boots or kids aspiring to your kind of service will lock that shit into their brains and be better for it.

FredFred said....  

Wow, they shot at the incoming rounds? And they had performed up to snuff before that? Someone was really stupid that they followed (like a crew of blind people falling off a cliff). For a dumb bunny crew like that you have to have microphones on them to (know what they are doing) prevent casualties.

FredFred said....  

I would also be concerned that people would stray out of the mercerize theater, w/o something like LWar... you might have to put some track device with the field team?