Brandi and Diane

Brandi and Diane talk about the Grandmas




My Irish Grandmother was a hard case. Her sister was a hoot, i would mix her "highballs" and she would tell me the greatest stories of Ireland, her travels with her Lineman husband. Good stuff.



I became a member primarily to see the phony SEAL videos, which are excellent. Seeing them, you are also drawn into the Shipley family. Don is truly blessed to have Diane and Brandi, and vice versa. Wonderful people!!!



Diane and Brandi, you brought up many memories of growing up poor on a farm, the lard cans in the pantry filled from the hog killin day. We and few neighbors got together every year and butchered 8-10 hogs depending on the family size as to how many were done for each family. Everything from the hog was used with the exception of the squeal as mom used to say. I ate so much okra as a kid I couldn`t keep my socks up, we would have our front porch covered in peas and beans we would pick and shell/snap em while watching the one TV station we got at night. As MC Davis said once, you two talking opened up with the keys to many memories I had growing up. Same thing with the canning, all the time from spring to fall was spent restocking the pantry and the two huge freezers on the back porch for the next year. We did have a guy that came and butchered our cows and took them to the cold storage place in town to process the meat on the beef end of it. It was cheaper to pay for cold storage lockers than to have more deep freezers. Thanks Diane and Brandi for opening up the memories, all of those just came flooding back!! My Great Grandma dipped peach snuff, my memories of her are vague though, she passed away when I was 8 or 9, but I remember her mason jar sitting in her lap to spit in. I always made sure I washed my mason jar myself before pouring iced tea in one to drink from it when we ate at my Grandma`s house, she took care of my Great grandma those years right before she passed away. Great video, thanks again great job.




I really enjoyed this video! After I grew up and moved out, got married all that...I wanted some homemade biscuits. Wife (now ex) had attempted to make biscuits and you could kill a man with the result. I called up my grandmother since my momma had passed away and asked her for her recipe. "It ain't just take some flour, add a pinch of salt and cut in some lard, add enough buttermilk to bring it together" was her reply. I ended up going to her house with the ingredients and had her make me a pan of biscuits...not letting her add a thing to the bowl before I measured out what she had taken from the packages. I learned more from actually watching her make them than anything. She told me, "its all in how well you cut in the lard" and "push the cutter all the way down, then twist...otherwise they won't rise right". A very enjoyable day. Now I can make the best damn biscuits around! She also taught me her method of chocolate lifelong favorite. Its getting about time to teach my girls now. Hope ya'll are doing well...keep being who ya'll are!




What a treat! Margin', lol.




oh see now im hungry :-P




I could sit and just listen to you talk all day. Loved it. Thank you




Thumbs up for Brandi, enjoyed the video.


Ducky d


I'm sure the food is great 👍

Lotta Biltmore


Hi Brandi and Diane, My Gramma "Awdy" (Audrey) was 100% Norwegian, born in a sod house in South Dakota. Grandpa and grandma moved to Michigan in the Depression so Grandpa Lewis could find work in the auto plants. They bought a farm and took the foundation of the old barn and lived in it. While Grandpa built the house above it. It was a solid comfortable home. What I remember is quiet mornings with a fire in the fireplace and Awdy in the kitchen humming along with the country music on the radio while she made buckwheat pancakes. Sometimes she tried to feed us milk toast (yuk). She had strange things like Postum which was a powder you mix with hot water. Also remember her Eastern Star ring and on Sunday getting the Communion cups and Welch's Grape juice and bread ready for the Sunday morning service at the little Methodist church in the village. Grandpa made a rope with a gunney sack tied to it for us to swing from the big walnut tree. So many memories flooding in. Thank you girls for sharing. Lisa


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