Lyle N said....  

Sad story. R.I.P

Umesh Heendeniya said....  

@6:15 almost blood curdling... man, what a hard lesson for this guy...

JustNan said....  

It seems that old saying the good die young is true many times. Like Diane I think fondly of two good friends that went too soon. They are never gone as long as we remember. R.I.P. Steve

Devil dog said....  

Sorry to hear about your friend Steve.I can tell how much he meant to you and Diane.
RIP Steve

Viet Vet70 said....  

Don...listening to the flare story brought me back over 40 years ago. I was on perimeter guard duty in Vietnam. We had an M-60, our M-16's and an M-79 with us. We also had flares. They were about 12"-18" in long and it was a magnesium or aluminum tubes. You took the end cap of and put it on the opposite end and hit it on a hard surface to launch it.....just like you described. We heard something in the wire (probably rats) and launched a few. They landed in their parachutes on a nearby village straw roofs, catching fire, and the Vietnamese started shooting at our lines. Oh boy...we stated a war with our allies.....good times. From that time on we required an officer's approval before we fired flares.