Ask Don and Diane Shit, training for BUD/S

Ask Don and Diane Shit, training for BUD/S.

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Good Afternoon Senior. I just joined your site last week and have throughly enjoyed it very much. Is there a way I can contact you about some questions I have about someoone I met at the gym I attend that claims he is a former SEAL. His story is absolutely ridiculous, but he did have a lot of knowledge about SEALS in general, BUDs, certain missions, and outrageous claims about serving with some SEALS still on active duty. I was an active duty sailor and was a memeber of BUDs class 237, but unfortunatley didn't make it through. Please guide me as to how I can relay somemore information about this guy because his stories are constant and pretty out there. Thanks, I appreciate and admire your work.



This is one of my favorite videos, Don - very motivational. Sounds like ability and endurance - in many areas - is the key. Did I understand you to say that you have a female attending? I guess I was misinformed - I thought that women weren't invited to participate in the training courses - I seem to recall one of your Extreme Seal Experience videos where a female reporter was given a special allowance to attend training, but thought she was the first and only. Has something changed? I'd love a shot at one of your courses, but then again, heck, I'd have a blast just coming out to help those gals that do the REAL work around there, Diane and Brandi! Haha



Thank you for sharing and taking the time to record this video. I try to view all content on your site and this was worth every minute I set aside. IMO, this is valuable for anyone who has large goals of any type. Whether regarding work, relationship, or other, the method can be applied. Putting in that extra effort in preparation to just begin something important, is critical. My teen kids have pretty big goals and I tell them to study what others did to accomplish the goal they have and then to pay attention to how they performed once they completed the goal. The message here is a great example of how to have success, even if it was specially created for future SEALS. Hopefully it will help even more earn their Trident. Thanks again Don.



good shit don



Good talk Don. Believe I enjoyed this more than most and that's saying something. I was in the Navy as a Radioman from 1962-1987 and never gave any thought to being a SEAL. I wasted my first 8 years partying my ass off and didn't make much rank in the process. All sea duty was in the "gators" which I really enjoyed. I had a lull in my career then picked up some steam and got my "hat on" straight. From that point on I wised up and became an asset. With that came the promotions. All in all I don't think I would go back and change one thing. I really enjoyed my career! I especially enjoyed being a Radioman.



Thanks for this talk, Don. This is just what I needed to hear!



Y'all totally lift my spirits 10fold!



C.Lou22 said....
U must be getting the bad weather that came from here....... I love u guys & was in complete Don & Diane WITHDRAWL! I live in VAN, TX-
Where TORNADOES literally ravished over 30% of this beautiful town. Yes, we are an oil town so I'm sure the hippies are happy, but shit it's been devastating! So many loved ones have lost their homes & loved ones! My family was so stinking lucky! It's amazing how tornadoes work! Everywhere around us-----DESTROYED! Us- we r fine! I feel so selfish 2b so excited 2b able 2watch my Don&Diane vids bc so many ppl have lost so much in my small town. BUT- my husband, myself, & my 2daughters have been working all day to help locals out- So- when electricity came back on & I was able to access my ExtremeSeal stuff........I WAS ELATED! Love u guys! Can't wait to see the new phoney vids!



Probably the best Don video yet. Wow. You have to prepare and be in the best shape and WANT IT! That is the key. If I was in BUD/S, I would have to think about of all of the previous warriors before me who have been there and DONE THAT! The ones who have served and made the ultimate sacrifice and the ones who are still serving or have retired respectively. You either want it bad or you don't. Love ya Don!



Hi guys , I served in the Army ,2 terms, second time I was watercraft engineer at Ft. Story in early 80s, we worked with the marine recon school once in awhile, it never crossed my mind, or If I knew it didn't stick that there was seal training in little creek, although we would take our Lark 60s over there and back, drive into navy ships LSTs or Ds . I do remember going out numerous times and seeing giant clouds of small clear jellyfish a couple meters deep and be very happy I was not in the water. my question is: Did u have seal training in these jellyfish clouds ?