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Ask Don and Diane Shit, Support Guys in SEAL Team

May 26th, 2015 
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Ask Don and Diane Shit, Support Guys in SEAL Team.


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riffraff81  avatar
riffraff81 said....  

2 is 1...1 is NONE!

Darnhard avatar
Darnhard said....  

HI Don , though not as rife as it is in USA we here in Australia have our phonies , luckily it is an offence here.

they were caught and charged.

DanoPCola avatar
DanoPCola said....  

Intel and Humint for the win :)

Eriebear avatar
Eriebear said....  

Hey Don,watch your six! I see two eyeballs on that tree behind you!

TowgunningMarine avatar
TowgunningMarine said....  

Hey guys new to the site just wanted to say hi and I've been dealing with phonies at the Chicago VA for ten years, I was wounded in Iraq in 2003 and have been fighting these clowns for years, they've been jamming up the system for guys like me who need the benefits with their false claims to get free money it's great to see don calling these bastards out, Don your my hero brother and keep doing what your doing you have a life time member here

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