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Lawdawg715 said....  

Legs..... And back... Toss up which is worse..... getting old sucks.....! great video Sr......

Dr PennsylVapia said....  

I thought all SEALS went thru BUDS. This is the first time I am hearing that SOME SEALS never went thru in the Viet Nam era. Could you ever have been calling a phony fake guy but was a Corp Man? I think some phony is going to use this information to hide behind.

Pen said....  

I am not a Doctor but have had 4 back surgeries with the last one being spinal fusion. Both my legs and feet hurt all the time to. Especially in the am after being off them for a period of time. I have found that Neurontin is very helpful for me. Now mind you it took me some time (about) a month to get used to this medication but I can't imagine my life without it now. I am a RN but not a doctor and am speaking purely as a patient. I really hope this helps you even a little bit. Take care.

Secret Squirrel said....  

So from what i can tell, SEALS are more or less professional athletes, who kill, hunt, capture, and defeat enemies. There's coaches, and staff, water boys and doctors, and they are part of the team, they get the superbowl or World Series ring, but they don't play on the field. That is done by the professionals. Sounds like some of that could lead to some hurt feelings and sore egos real quick.

psychophil said....  

Gurkhas dont capture, they feel your laces s