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Hello... Here are my symptoms for the 'Send us your Symptoms!'  And if anyone can fix me I will be so ecstatic!  I have been to so many doctors and none of them can tell me what’s wrong with me.

My problem is with my feet.  They hurt all the time.  Both feet - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year.  I have had surgery on both feet.  One foot had one surgery, the other had two.  That didn’t work.  Pain is still there.  One doctor told me that it might be related to my back.  I have a bad back and neck.  I had a fusion of C6 & C7 and a discectomy in my lumbar back.  I hurt my back when I was in the military.  I was in the Air Force for just over four years.  I was all set to re-enlist but they would not let me raise my right hand until I went through the medical board.  I wanted so badly to stay in, but they booted me.  I still got an honorable discharge.  I was so disappointed.  I loved the military.  Even spent time in Saudi Arabia.  I got out in 1991. 

By back problems came and went since then but my feet never bothered me until about four years ago.  I just noticed that my feet started hurting and just got worse and worse.  That’s when they started me on oxycodone.  I hate those meds, but it’s the only thing that is keeping me from going out of my mind.  I am now up to 60 mg a day.  I want to get off those pain killers, but I can’t until I find some relief. 

I can’t point to one location on my feet that hurts.  It just seems to be the whole foot, mostly the sole.  I cannot walk any distance without having to load up on pain meds.  I can’t do any grocery shopping without loading up on pain meds when I’m done.  The problems with my feet have ruined my life.  Since spending any time on my feet causes terrible pain, I’ve become a couch potato and I have gained weight.  I used to be in great shape.  I used to mountain bike, water ski, rock climbing and weight lifting to name a few.  I also volunteered on the towns ambulance as an EMT.

I do have a form of muscular dystrophy.  It’s called myotonic dystrophy.  It’s an adult onset type of muscular dystrophy.  It runs in families.  My father had it, his brother had it, along with their father.  Even though the disease causes pain in some people, my neurologist said it doesn’t affect your feet.  I do have foot-drop from the muscular dystrophy.  That is caused from the weakened muscles in my ankles and feet that won’t pick my toe up enough when I walk.  That causes me to trip, but that doesn’t cause pain unless you fall!  *:) happy

Please Help!!




Legs..... And back... Toss up which is worse..... getting old sucks.....! great video Sr......

Dr PennsylVapia


I thought all SEALS went thru BUDS. This is the first time I am hearing that SOME SEALS never went thru in the Viet Nam era. Could you ever have been calling a phony fake guy but was a Corp Man? I think some phony is going to use this information to hide behind.



I am not a Doctor but have had 4 back surgeries with the last one being spinal fusion. Both my legs and feet hurt all the time to. Especially in the am after being off them for a period of time. I have found that Neurontin is very helpful for me. Now mind you it took me some time (about) a month to get used to this medication but I can't imagine my life without it now. I am a RN but not a doctor and am speaking purely as a patient. I really hope this helps you even a little bit. Take care.

Secret Squirrel


So from what i can tell, SEALS are more or less professional athletes, who kill, hunt, capture, and defeat enemies. There's coaches, and staff, water boys and doctors, and they are part of the team, they get the superbowl or World Series ring, but they don't play on the field. That is done by the professionals. Sounds like some of that could lead to some hurt feelings and sore egos real quick.



Gurkhas dont capture, they feel your laces s

Billy Smith


Good shit thanks Don



Don, I am 62 now and had a very active sports life - boxing and martial arts, lots of running (even barefoot) and bag kicks on heavy bags, none of which was good for my flat feet. In addition, while my feet were growing I was too cheap to buy anything better than the K-Mart Trax shoes that were so poorly constructed. (Maybe the Kenyan track team would be glad to have them, though.) So, my big toes on both feet were turned in from not wearing the right size shoe.
Around the age of 55 I began having great pain in both those joints that would radiate beyond and hurt like the dickens. I was sure I would need to have them broken and reset but did not have the time (or inclination) to lay around recovering.
A chiropractor friend here in Korea suggested I begin stretching my feet every way I could to get the muscles from contracting and causing me pain. Lo and behold, after a few days of doing this twice daily I am pain free .
This has been going on a year now and I do not take any pain meds.
I had also been having severe sciatica in my right leg and discovered that stretching my hamstring daily was a relief. (When I finally put a stiff piece of plywood under my deformed mattress, that supplanted even the need for daily stretching, though I still do that for overall health.
There is good reason why more seniors our age are opting for yoga and stretching routines instead of the dumbells.
Hope this helps, brother.



Oh and seconded Larry re: yoga -- far as I can tell yoga is all around good for just about everything. The essential piece of guidance I can give for anyone starting yoga is this: everything you do in yoga should feel really good. If it doesn't feel good modify the position til it does and don't worry about what anybody else is doing; if it doesn't feel good you're just cheating yourself. This is a tough one for some of us that are naturally competitive and like to push ourselves. Hey, think of it as a new challenge. That and there are many different styles that are very different from each other. You might have to try a few different ones.



For Krista, re: foot pain - you might check out the book Born To Run. The premise of the book starts with the author's constant foot pain and his successful search for relief. I was pleasantly surprised by this book and how rigorous it was scientifically, as well as being a good story. Certainly changed my life since transitioning gradually to flat shoes, and have never looked back.



Another great vid. Thanks again to the Shipleys for giving us this website.

The Bridgchief is correct. I was a CM (construction Mechanic) with ACB-2 (Little Creek) and our supply guys had to qualify with us every 6 months but they were not Seabees. I served during the early/mid 80`s.

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